This was Towel Day 2019

Hitching a ride from a space ship in Israel (picture submitted by Alina Blechman)
Hitching a ride from a space ship in Israel (big version)

The ambassador contest yielded a winner: Kate was elected Towel Day Ambassador for planet Earth

Kate, Earth's Towel Day Ambassador 2019

To help her with her enormous responsibility, Stefan will assume the role of regional TDA for Europe, Asia and Africa, and Amanda will care for North and South America, Australia, and Antartica. If you missed this year's contest, go to the contest page NOW and like it so next year you won't miss it:

Our sincere congratulations to all!


  • In Cloughjordan ecovillage at 6pm Irish time (GMT+1) in the Cloughjordan Arts Amphitheatre, Caoimhiers Vogonity Woods organizes a live reading of Episode Three of the radio play of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This will be streamed live on Youtube. Detais to follow or on Caoimhiers Vogonity Wood's Facebook profile
  • A radio interview! European Towel Day Ambassador 2015 Philipp Horatschek was interviewed by local radio station "Radio Proton" on 13 May 2019. They talked about Douglas Adams and Towel Day. It is only available in German, but the music is of course international (from the movie and BBC series). Duration 1/2 hour. Listen here
  • Nyx Fullmoon is doing a live 2 hour radio show about Douglas Adams and H2G2 for Towel Day on her supernatural radio show "The Witching Hour" on 4ZZZ 102.1fm in Australia. It can be listened to on-demand straight after the show for free for any fans (there's a "play" button on the right side of the name of the show at the bottom of the page). 10pm-midnight Australian eastern time Qld.
  • A newspaper article about the Towel Day 2019 festivities in Cambridge appeared in Cambridge News of 17 May 2019. Read it here
  • Cosmic Encounters is a science fiction–themed strategy board game. In 2018 they held a Towel Day contest. Sniveler won, with help from Cosmic fan Ian Allen (who conjures up fun for gamers at Seventh Son Games).
    On Towel Day 2019, the winner of the Cosmic Encounter Alien 2019 Towel Day Contest will be announced at the Museum of Science Fiction Escape Velocity Con which is hosting the first Annual Cosmic Encounter Galactic Championship Tournament.
    Towel Day Contest Rules:
    • Use #cosmicalientowelday19 and submit via your favorite method
      • Emailed to
      • Tweet to @pgocosmic
      • Facebook Cosmic Encounter
      • Instagram Cosmic Encounter
      • Join in person at the Cosmic Encounter Tournament dressed as your alien/towel combination. Seriously.
    • Concocted by an Earth Human
    • Chose any of 197 Cosmic Aliens (yes, 197)
    • No limit on number of submissions
    • Submissions may be Images, animations, or videos for your alien / towel connection
    • Post anytime before May 24, 2019
    • Winner: The aliens will decide on the winning post with the winner’s entry to be forever featured Cosmic Encounter Alien Towel Day Hall of Fame.
    Submit your entry now! Hints: Read the alien history. Play off the graphic. Think outside the solar system. Ask: How would the “alien” celebrate towel day? Check the Towel Day Page for inspiration. Don’t Panic!
  • Vlogger Peter Almond will release a Towel Day 2019 video in which he reads some of the previously unpublished extracts from the Authorised Douglas Adams Biography The Frood. In addition to this from around 5pm (BST) he will stream, from start to finish, Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic. Watch all this on Youtube or Twitch
  • The talented artists from TheInnerSunProject are making a “towel drop” video which they will release at 04:20 PST Friday morning in honor of Towel Day. They already have a bunch of funny videos of people dropping a towel and would like you to submit yours here
    They are also spreading the word about their TheInnerSunProjectproject
    to build a massive artwork for Burning man, in which they as Douglas Adams fans have played to several of his tropes. The most notable is placing BRC 42’ off the ground with wheelchair accessible ramps that gently wind up the structure so everyone can gain access.
    Their campaign will end on Towel Day. They hope a few thousand people will help fund this project to build what would be far and away the biggest thing ever brought to Burning Man. It would be one heck of a nod to Douglas Adams and the greater community of dreamers and doers he has pulled together.
  • Bee Bulletin published an article by Kashika Pathak with the title "Towel day 2019: don’t panic and learn how to pay tribute to Douglas Adams, the greatest hitchhiker in the galaxy"
  • On MAY 27, SeanOrange will play live on Youtube a visual version of the Infocom text adventure classic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for its 35th anniversary and Towel Day.
  • Mashable published Hitchhiker's Pride: May 25 is Towel Day, and don't ever forget it", a by Chris Taylor.
  • The National Review mentioned Towel Day and linked to the website.
  • Device42, a leader in CMDB, ADM and DCIM software gives away 100 towels on Towel Day 2019. Shipping only to the US and Canada.
  • Towel Discounters is offering 25% off on Towels until 31 May, with the code TOWELDAY.
  • In Buenos Aires, Marcos is going to organize a small gathering for Douglas Adams fans who want to celebrate Towel Day. Check this entry again soon, we'll add more info when we receive it.
  • In Rosario, Rosana continues the yearly tradition of having a private Towel Day dinner with friends and family (after being unable to last year). They'll show the movie before dinner (it's easier than having a reading), and then all gather to celebrate the wit, the laugh and the genius of Douglas Adams Although a private event, they hope to be a small crowd this year.
  • Nyx Fullmoon is doing a live 2 hour radio show about Douglas Adams and H2G2 for Towel Day on his supernatural radio show "The Witching Hour" on 4ZZZ 102.1fm in Australia. It can be listened to on-demand straight after the show for free for any fans (there's a "play" button at the bottom of the page). 10pm-midnight Australian eastern time Qld.
  • A radio interview! European Towel Day Ambassador 2015 Philipp Horatschek was interviewed by local radio station "Radio Proton" on 13 May 2019. They talked about Douglas Adams and Towel Day. It is only available in German, but the music is of course international (from the movie and BBC series). Duration 1/2 hour. Listen here
  • In Feldkirch, ON 24 MAY, European Towel Day Ambassador 2015 Philipp Horatschek will read from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in the public library "AK-Bibliothek" Widnau 2-4, 6800 Feldkirch at 19.30. Details and RSVP on Facebook and for the Facebook deprived on AK-Vorarlberg or
  • In Vienna, FIFTEEN pubs or more band together to celebrate Towel Day.
    Last year four pubs were participating, now fifteen! Carry a towel and get a free shot! Details on
  • In Zirl (nears Innsbruck), Mobile Kulturinitiative and Hermann Stolze organize a festival with a varied programme in Veranstaltungszentrum B4:
    • SteinzeitSession opens the cultural festival in the afternoon, with a musical journey through time,
    • Then the workshops start (glassblowing with Mario, Schwirrhölzer with Michael Praxmarer) and the buffet is opened,
    • This is followed by short readings from the new edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,
    • In the early evening, the ambitious musical programme starts: Hannes Sprenger, then Engelbert and Michaela, the Pancakes and as finale Roland Heinz,
    • Later in the evening the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie is screened,
    • And the evening ends with a DJ set, a book table, food and drinks.
  • In Paulista (Pernambuco), the 7th Towel and Pride Day Nerd-PE takes place FROM 24 TO 26 MAY (11:00-20:00). So prepare your towel and join us for the biggest Comic Con of Pernambuco totally free for fans of Pop Culture, Nerds, Geeks, Gamers among others. The "Nerd-PE Towel and Pride Day". is a three-day event. This year it will honor the avengers and the 80 years of Batman, promising to shake the Shopping Paulista North Way And tribute will be paid to Douglas Adams, to the universe of Star Wars, and the recently deceased actor Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars). There's an elaborate schedule full of attractions that include: Scenic Attractions with Cosplay, several tributes to Douglas Adams and his book The Hitchhiker's Guide, K-Pop Contest, lectures, exclusive movie panels, series, musical attractions, QuiZ with related questions, VideoGame, Special 20-year matrix, Wakanda Ballad as well as other attractions geared towards all ages. ENTRANCE WILL BE FREE FOR EVERYONE. BUT THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO BRING 1 Kg of Non-Perishable Food. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In S˜o Paulo, you can join a group of Towel Day celebrating hoopy froods who first meet at Vão do MASP, on Avenida Paulista. Afterwards they will go to Geek's Beer bar to celebrate with some beers and end their day at Gibi Culture Geek Bar! Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Angulo, Parana, at 16:00 the Grupo de Estudos Astronômicos de Iguaraçu holds an Astro Festival in celebration of Towel Day and the 84 years of birth of one of the greatest astronomers that this country and the world already had: Ronaldo Rogério de Freitas Mourão (Ronaldo Mourão). For more information and a time table of the event with musical presentations, games and astronomical quizzes, lectures and astronomical observation at night and evening, just get in touch with GEAI. Come and bring your friends, relatives and anyone else you want to bring to participate and learn together with us about this wonderful event for the scientific dissemination. NOTE: In case of rain or totally cloudy sky, the astronomical observation of the evening and of the night is automatically postponed, but even then the event continues, being warm or cold in this transition phase from autumn to winter, it is good to wear or wear warm clothes. Madrugadas Frias), hydration and repellents during the activity that we will perform of one of the biggest astronomical events of the year 2019. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • Toronto is celebrating Towel Day with a few drinks at Pogue Mahone at 777 Bay Street. Starting at 6pm. Ending when they get kicked out. Froods are encouraged to leave a comment on the Facebook event, so they know how many people are coming.
  • Device42, a leader in CMDB, ADM and DCIM software gives away 100 towels on Towel Day 2019. Shipping only to the US and Canada.
  • In Zagreb, geocachers are getting together to celebrate Towel Day!
    Here's the programme:
    15:00 - 15:30 Group photo with towels at the St. Mark's Square
    15:30 - 16:30 Continue in the Pub at the End of the World (PUNKS)
    Make sure you bring a towel! And don't panic!
    Details on
  • In Kraj Vysocina, geocachers will gather from 8:00 AM until 8:30 AM. They will check out their towels and have a photo shoot. Details on
  • In Copenhagen, Towel Day is celebrated for the fourth time by The Social Geek CPH. They're going to spend a lovely afternoon outdoors picnicking and drinking, and if the weather gets too chilly they'll drink pints in the nearest pub. What to bring: towel, Pangalactic gargle blaster ingredients (?), picnic blankets, anything you want to share with hoopy froods. Important: there is no need to be a hardcore Douglas Adams fan, they enjoy preaching about his work to complete newbies who ended up quite enthusiastic... or scared, hard to tell (kidding). Please RSVP on (even if you also RSVP on Facebook)
  • In Helsinki, froods meet at Pub Angleterre from 18:00 until 21:30, with beer and peanuts. Details
  • In Turku, there is a Towel Day related programme at the Studio room of the Turku City Main Library. The Studio is in the new building, close to the main entrance. At 13:00 the 2005 movie adaptation of the book is shown. After the film you are welcome to attend a workshop to get your own Towel Day 2019 badge and bookmark. During the Towel Day week, the library will also hold a Douglas Adams themed exhibition at the Literature and Arts department. It will be moved to Studio on Towel Day.
  • But there's more: also in Turku, from 18.00 Towel Day will be celebrated for the fourteenth time in Cosmic Comic Cafe.
    Ancient writings claim that this is the oldest ongoing bad poetry night on Towel Day; they started in 2006!
    Their poetry night is not a competition. Poems will be churned out by the audience on the spot and immediately be recited aloud by the representatives of the Pan-Galactic Poetry Recitation Office(tm). If you want to read out your poem yourself, you're welcome to.
    There are half an hour long poetry shows every hour, beginning at 18:00.
    At 23:00 there will be a competition, possibly in the form of "The Froodest Towel in the Galaxy" competition (to be confirmed later). Prizes include petunias, toy whales, and beer.
    The one man 8-bit synthesizer assembly line euroSIDious will provide musical background for the evening.
    Bring your towel with you, dull your pen and let your large intestine throttle your brain. The towel will also give you a discount on Pangalactic Gargle Blasters.
    While waiting for Towel Day, The Finnish Towel Day site will be publishing daily horrible poems dug up from the last year's archive, and introducing Towel Day activities around the globe. There's also a Finnish Towel Day Facebook page.
  • In Toulouse, Le Grand Ordre de la Serviette presents a DIY Towel Day. Show up at 14:00 at Metro station Jean-Jaures, with your very best towel. Form small groups (4-10) and do H2G2-related activities. Check here for their hilarious instructions and most of all... be part of this AND don't forget your towel!
  • In Berlin, at 19:00 Towel Day is celebrated at C-base, a non-profit association for learning about software, hardware and networks. Once again there it involves a Space drink mixing contest, aboard the crashed space station. And there will be live music! More
  • In Hamburg, at 17:42, Towel Day will be celebrated for the fifth year in a row at the Platz ohne Namen. All life forms are welcome to come share some Pangalactic Gargle Blasters, listen to readings, get scientific enlightment about surfing a gravitation waves, 42 peanuts & all the rest.
    The organisers still accept submissions in form of more Adams readings, Vogon poems, towel origami, intergalactic lectures & planetary workshops, please contact them via their webpage. Things are going to happen if you make them happen. Bring your towel and lawn chair and don't panic!
  • Also in Hamburg, the sold out Ruby UnConference on May 25 and 26 seems to have provided their attendence with stylish orange towels
  • In Frankfurt am Main, geocachers meet from 19:42 until 20:30 at the following address: Marshalbrunnen Alte Oper, Opernplatz 1. Programm:
    • 19:42 Beginn
    • 20:00 Ansprache inkl. Lesung
    • 20:24 Das Logtuch beschreiben und TBs per Anhalter losschicken
    • 20:30 Fragerunde mit DER Antwort nach dem Leben, dem Universum und dem ganzen Rest
    • anschließend Gruppenfoto
    Details on
  • In Kiel, geocachers meet from 17.00 until 18.00. There will be a small raffle among all the Froods, who show up properly equipped with a towel. Grab beer and peanuts and get ready to see the wonders of the universe for less than 30 atair dollars a day! Marvin please stay at home, otherwise all life forms are welcome. Details on
  • In Verden, geocachers gather at the Pommes-Priest from 17.00 until 18.00 to pay tribute to Douglas Adams and talk about their hobby. Please bring a towel or a bathrobe. Details and RSVP on
  • In Stuttgart, the Carl-Zeiss Planetarium offers free admission to the 15:00 and 16:30 screenings for all visitors who carry a towel on May 25th, 2019. Non-towelers are charged the regular admission fee for planetarium shows. Paper towels or other provisional gear are not accepted. A limited supply of adequately designed "Don't-Panic-towels" is offered for sale at the planetarium (no obligation to buy). The address of the Planetarium is Willy-Brandt-Str. 25, 70173 Stuttgart. More info
  • Codemotion Berlin, the largest tech conference for software developers (November 12-13) offers a 5% discount on conference tickets with the code HAPPYTOWELDAY. The code is applied automatically if you follow this link
  • In Cloughjordan ecovillage at 6:15pm Irish time (GMT+1) in the Cloughjordan Arts Amphitheatre, Caoimhiers Vogonity Woods organizes a live reading of Episode Three of the radio play of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This will be streamed live on Youtube. The link will be published on Caoimhiers Vogonity Wood's Facebook profile
  • In Limerick, Belltable proudly presents "Don't Panic! | Belltable Towel Day", a three hour tribute to Douglas Adams.
    It starts at 7.42pm (you know why!) Tickets are €18/€16/€10*
    * If you arrive wearing/openly carrying a towel, your ticket will be €10
    Don't miss this evening of intergalactic travel, directed by Tara Doolan with an eclectic ensemble of actors!
    For more info,take a look at this newspaper article about the event. Details and tickets here
  • Like every year, Italian Douglas Adams fans can join the Italian online event where they can find each other to celebrate together. Here you'll find links to Italian cities where Towel Day will be celebrated. People from other countries are welcome to join this online event and submit their pictures.
  • In Parma, the "coolest DNA fan group is celebrating at Kikko Bar (via massimo d'azeglio, 43125 Parma) from 18:00 to late night there's a free Pangalactic gargleblaster shot for who comes with a towel. As every year nonsensical arguments about intergalactic travels, space ships and Vogon poetry will brighten the evening. They have now reached a decade of celebrations in Parma and this year will write a new chapter in the history of galactic booze. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Rome, hitchhikers are getting together at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, the only place so multicultural that a group with towels on their shoulders should go unnoticed, even when in bathrobe and slippers. At the time of writing, the time for the event was "17:42-19:42", but more info was to follow. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Turin, Towel Day is celebrated at Six Nations Murphy Pub from 19.42: "You are all invited to the Six Nations Murphy's Pub at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 28 for drinking, eating and chatting about our intergalactic journeys. Be sure to prepare a poem worthy of a Vogon, there will be a reading and the one voted the worst will win a nice tribute!" Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Leéon, Guanajuato, for the eight year in a row, little Spanish and Literature class for eight and ninth graders at Albanta University for Kids celebrated a little vogon poetry reading, some towel carrying and readings of the book. A screening of the film is planned.
  • In Rotterdam, get ready for for the fifth edition of the Towel Day/Glorious Revolution event, which will feature Pangalactic Gargle Blasters, Vogon Poetry Contest, Dwarfish Battle Bread Battle, Elvish Impersonation Contest, Dirk Gently's Holistic Treasure Hunt and much, much more! Prizes galore! "For truth, justice, freedom, reasonably priced love, and a hard boiled egg!" Bring a towel, wear the lilac. In honour of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • Towel producer Frotirka is running a Towel Day photo contest and promotions for Towel Day. Details on Facebook
  • In Mikolów, Slaskie, geocachers have their annual Towel Day celebration from 18:42 until 19:42 on Mikolów market. Programme (can change):
    • Start and welcome participants: 18:42
    • Logging into the event logbook: all the time
    • Laying the carpet with the towels
    • Commemorative photo: 19:00
    • End of the meeting: 19:42
    They will try to make the biggest "carpet" of towels on the market in Mikolów.
    Bring your towel and also a chair, they'll sit in a circle with their legs on the towel carpet and together read the next chapter(s) of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    Details on
  • In Warsaw, Towel Day is celebrated at Offside, the club at the end of the universe. And if it's the end, why not drink beer and eat (42?) peanuts? DJ/VJ: BarbaPapa. Entrance: free. Dress code: towel and/or bathrobe. The party starts at 21:00. Around 23:00 there's a live act and the best musicians of the galaxy will play - Ricky, Maurycy, and the DJ will ... mix. Details on Facebook
  • In Iasi Douglas Adams fans meet from 2pm at The Trumpets pub. DONT PANIC, they will wait around until 2.42pm before going on a pub crawl around Iasi. Remember to bring your towel! Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Maribor, Založba Pivec (publishing house Pivec, publisher of the Slovene translation of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy) organizes a Slovene Towel Day. Programme:
    • 5PM: Workshop with Nina Medved: Vogon Poetry
    • 6:30 PM: Reading of excerpts from the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
    • 7 PM Play based on motifs from Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (Theatre Group GLEDEJA)
    • 9PM Intergalactic party with Pangalactic gargleblasters
    Don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on Facebook
  •, the biggest online Slovak bookstore and chain of 11 brick and mortar bookshops as every year celebrates Towel Day together with their customers. They celebrate Towel Day because they really love Douglas Adams and his special sense of humour. For their customers and all fans of Douglas Adams they have prepared:
    • Special all-day 25% discount on sci-fi and fantasy books
    • Competition on their Facebook page - 3 photos of someone giving towel to somebody else will be rewarded with exclusive Hitchhikers "Don't panic!" towel
    • Competition on their Instagram - 3 fans who write 3 things (other than towel) they would bring to their trip to space will be rewarded with exclusive Hitchhikers "Don't panic!" towel
  • In Banská Štiavnica, Slovak froods are gathering in Art Cafe Banská Štiavnica, if teh Vogon fleet hasn't destroyed Earth by May 25th.
    • 4PM: "Is there life in the Universe?" a thematic lecture by Regional observatory and planetarium Maximilian Hell
    • 6PM: Observing the Sun, safely, under the walnut tree in the garden, using professional astronomical instruments. In the case of bad weather screening of space documentaries commented by an astronomer.
    • 7:42 PM Reading from the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
    • 9PM Intergalactic party with DJ (Space) Sa-mu-ra-i. Pangalactic gargleblasters, peanuts, 5 pints of local beer before we hitch a ride to another planet.
    Recommended literature: Douglas Adams, any book. Terry Pratchett, any book. Anything written by Stephen Hawking or anyone from his family.
    Dress Code: A Towel. Any kind of terrestrial or extraterrestrial costume.
    Details and RSVP on Facebook
    P.S. Both organizers are 42 this year!
  • In Trenciansky kraj, geocachers are meeting for Towel Day from 14:00 until 14:30. Details on
  • In Carvalho cultural association Casino1889 celebrates Towel Day together with the Dia do Orgulho Lusista e Reintegrata (DdoOLeR), that was created some years ago to celebrate that they are proud of their linguistic roots: galician-portuguese. As for many years Galician people used to go to Portugal mostly to buy towels, somebody decided that Towel Day should be their day.
    For this first celebration:
    • Everybody will bring a towel.
    • Their godfather, Suso Sanmartin (one of the creators of their especial DdoOLeR Towel Day) will speak about this celebration, its origins and meaning. As in the “Guide”, he will explain why the towel is so important for the galactic hitchhiker but also for them, becoming, in fact, the symbol of the relationship between Galician and Portuguese people.
    • They will read some chapters of the "Guide" in order to spread the word.
    • Afterwards, they will have a party, with beer, lupins (typical Portuguese) and empanada (typical Galician), music and, of course, their TOWELS!!!
  • In San Sebastián, Egia library celebrates Towel day for the fourth year. Like other years, they will put up informative posters about Towel day, propose science fiction as theme of the month, and on May 25 the librarians will bring a towel. There will be a raffle for library users. Two years ago the prize was a towel (for galactic hitchhiking), last year there was also an umbrella. This year they will distribute cups that you can use to drink coffee, tea, or (recommended) a substance from the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser that is almost, but not quite, enterely unlike tea. Keep an eye on this Twitter feed This year they will try to expand the Basque Wikipedia article about Douglas Adams (the current version is very limited).
  • The SF Bookshop (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö) sells its famous Don't Panic towels and offers a 10% discount on all goods (not gift cards) to those who come dressed up (unsure about the translation, check their web site to be sure) and shop, or have a towel or lilac with them. If you shop on their site for at least SEK 600 and write the code DON'T PANIC in the message field, they will send their own handsome towel (value SEK 129) at no extra cost. The offer is only valid for orders placed on May 25, 2019, and not pre-orders or for goods that are out of stock. Check out their offer here.
  • In St. Gallen, geocachers will meet at 17:00 and raise their thumbs to the sky while wearing a towel around their neck. Don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on
  • In Izmir, from 20:00 hoopy froods will get together at Faust Cafe in (Alsancak, Izmir). Bring your towel!
  • Stephen Fry tweeted "Happy #TowelDay one and all ... Today we remember and thank the universe for the gift of Douglas Noel Adams 1952-2001, a great friend, a great man."
  • A newspaper article about the Towel Day 2019 festivities in Cambridge appeared in Cambridge News of 17 May 2019. Read it here
  • A week before Towel Day 2019, you can get in the mood by attending a theatrical production of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency! (16-18 May in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire). Tickets are £13 & £11.
    According to director Sally-Anne Rafferty: "If you can answer yes to the following questions then you MUST come and see this show…. Do you like theatre? Do you like to laugh? Do you like any of the following… Douglas Adams, pizza, cats, aliens, Samuel Taylor Coleridge? And erm, do you know someone in the show? Come and see it!!! And bring all your friends – you won’t regret it."
    Full details and tickets can be found on their website and on Facebook
  • In Cambridge Towel Day 2019 is celebrated with a succession of three very worthwhile events:
    • At 12.30 there is a Douglas Adams walk, led by David Haddock. This is a free event, no ticket needed, just join in. "See where Douglas Adams was born, where he went to University, where the "biscuit incident" took place, where the TARDIS landed in Shada, and more! We walk about three miles, but stop at various places to point at Douglasy things over a couple of hours." The walk finishes in time for the Talks and Stand up for Towel Day (more below). Details and RSVP on Facebook
    • At 16.00 Towel Day Talks are starting at the Blue Moon:
      • An interview with the two remaining members of Douglas's sketch troupe Adams-Smith-Adams: Martin Smith and Will Adams!
      • A chat with David Learner, who played Marvin on stage and screen.
      This is a ticketed event, get your tickets here. Talks will finish by 6pm to leave time for food because...
    • At 20.00 the annual stand up comedy gig Stand Up for Towel Day takes place at the Blue Moon. Programme:
      • Investigative journalism from Steve Cross
      • The second annual Vogon poetry anti-slam, hosted by our laureate, Cerys Bradley.
      • Towel fighting with Paul Duncan McGarrity.
      • Fan fiction by Declan Kennedy and Jonathan Hearn.
      • One Adams and the Smith of Adams-Smith-Adams perform some of their early sketches.
      This is a ticketed event, get your tickets here.
      MORE hoopy acts to be announced, line up subject to change.
      There will be PRIZES for the best costumes - if in doubt, wear a dressing gown. And Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters courtesy of our hosts, the Blue Moon and Andy Mil of the Cocktail Trading Company, who gave us his recipe for the first towel day in 2017. Please gargle responsibly.
      Details, updates and RSVP on Facebook
      In partnership with Cambridge Skeptics. All proceeds to Save the Rhino International. 18+. No strags.
  • Also in Cambridge, at the Central Library, there will be a display to celebrate Towel Day in the teenage section. Along with Adam's books there will be several towels available and they'll invite customers to take a funny picture and then post it on their social media with the hashtag #towelday2019 @cambslib
  • In Leicester, the National Space Centre presents a screening of the 2005 movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Doors 18:30 / Film 19:30. They will have some special Pan Galactic Gargleblaster cocktails. You should of course bring your towel and you can watch the movie in your dressing gown. Details and tickets here
  • In London, there's the annual the Vogon Poetry Slam, but it's ON WEDNESDAY 29th of May, at the Miller Pub in London Bridge. £5 entrance. Ten slammers will be performing the most gut-wrenchingly the bad poetry they can: "We have 10 places in the Vogon Poetry Slam and slots are 3 minutes each. You can ask for a place here or sign up on the night. Bring your nerdiest poetry or your hilariously bad work. Want to explain how lasers work in rhyming couplets? Excellent! Want to read your angsty teenage poetry now that it's hilarious? Awesome! Want to come in character and costume? Welcome aboard! Want to read something that is just a genuinely good poem? GET IN THE AIRLOCK. (Also, general rule for slammers: no kicking down - no sexism, racism, xenophobia, transphobia etc etc just don't be a dick, innit?)"
    Come, hoopy froods, for a night of nerding, gnashing of teeth, and the tortuously bad poetry. There will also be the performances from reigning Vogon Slam Champion, multi-slam winner and published poet Hannah Raymond-Cox, and spoken word artist, animator, projection mapper and theatre maker Edalia Day. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • Also in London, DURING THE WEEK AFTER TOWEL DAY (Wed 29/05 & Sat 01/06), there's a stage production of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by the Southside Players. Details and tickets here
  • In Manchester, on May 24th and May 25th, see the special Towel Day performance of the stage play "WE APOLOGISE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE" about Douglas Adams struggling to finish writing So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish. Watch the trailer. Venue: 3 Minute Theatre.
    Other dates:
    • Brighton Fringe 21, 22, 23 May
    • Edinburgh Fringe 9-16 August
  • In Bracknell, staff at Norbain (distributor of ip, cctv, access control and intruder detection solutions) is encouraged to bring towels and blankets that will be donated to local RSPCA shelters. They will be informed with posters and e-mails about this special day.
  • In Richmond, VA, ON MAY 9TH there's a literary themed cocktail ("booktail") from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at The Wooden Spoon Café. In order to help you get the hang of Thursdays, Book store Book People and The Wooden Spoon Café organize a "Booktail" every second Thursday of the month, each time featuring a different author. This time the theme is "BookTails: Douglas Adams & The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster". Food, drinks, a presentation on Adam's life, and a performance from the original Radio Script. Mix in a little of that Ol' Janx Spirit and it should be a good time. Cost: $35/ Person, includes food and drink (reservations recommended). Details
    On Towel Day book store Book People offers a 42% discount on all used books to everyone who arrives wearing/openly carrying a towel. There will be a second performance from the original Radio Script and a contest for best towel.
  • In Beverly-Hills, CA, FROM JUNE 6-9, the Wallis Studio Ensemble presents a theatrical production of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Last year's edition was the LA Times "pick of the week". Dress up for the Audience Costume Contest! Details and tickets on
  • In Chicago, IL, escape room venue Fox in a Box gives away free Fox in a Box Patches for anyone that visits them on Towel Day 2019 with a towel. Their address: 47 W Polk Street, Ste L5 Chicago, IL 60605.
  • In Elgin, IL, Geek Pride Day / Towel Day / The Glorious 25th of May / 42nd Star Wars anniversary are celebrated at Blue Box Cafe (a Doctor Who themed coffee bar and deli). Schedule:
    08:00-11:00 Towel Day Celebrating The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    11:00-13:00 RiseUp Celebrating Discworld novel Night Watch & The Glorious 25th of May
    12:00-18:00 Face painting from Freaky Fun Faces
    13:00-14:00 LIVEriff with Chicago's Premier Riffing Troupe: Down in Front
    14:00-15:00 Podcasting with Southgate Media Group
    15:00-16:00 Podcasting with Too Much Scrolling
    16:00-17:00 StarWarsCelebration discussion
    17:00-19:00 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    19:00-21:00 Star Wars: A New Hope (42nd Anniversary)
    Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In El Paso, TX, join 2019 Towel Day Ambassador Kate Van Cleef and the El Paso Arts Nobbling Council for the inaugural Borderland Vogon Poetry Slam. Prizes will be awarded, and snacks and soft drinks will be provided. You may BYOB. Venue is the Unitarian Universalist Community of El Paso, 4425 Byron Street, El Paso, TX 79930. RSVP through the Facebook event, or to kattvannmaxx (at)
  • In Fort Bend, TX, (near Houston), the University Branch Library will have a Towel Day celebration on Saturday, May 25, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, in Meeting Room 1 of the library. Library patrons are invited to tote a towel or wear a bathrobe (over regular clothes!) and enjoy a showing of the movie based on the novel. Light refreshments will be served. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, call the University Branch Library at 281-633-5100 or the library system’s Communications Office at 281-633-4734. (Source)
  • In Lincoln, NE, from May 13th to May 24th, Don’t Panic Labs and five other locations across Lincoln served as public collection sites for donations of new and used towels for use at the People's City Mission shelter. When the People’s City Mission told them about their constant shortage of towels, they engineered a towel drive around this celebrated date to help address their easily overlooked need. While this event has grown every year, so has the Mission’s need for towels. That’s why their Towel Day celebration is now a two-week rally across Lincoln to collect as many new or used towels as possible. More information | Video
  • In New York, Cathryn Jones has her birthday on May 25th! On Towel Day 2018 she donated 42 towels to local charities who need them (domestic violence shelters, etc.). This year she'll do it again but she's now also involving other people who want to donate towels. She writes "Hope this inspires others to think of outreach programs! I sure am excited to deliver the towels in May! Happy Towel Day and Dont Panic!"
  • In Richmond, VA Book store Book People (the guy(s) from the monthly "Booktail" literay cocktails) offers a 42% discount on all used books to everyone who arrives wearing/openly carrying a towel. There will be a performance from the original Radio Script and a contest for best towel.
  • In Tallahassee, FL, Greg from Lofty Pursuits has made a video in which he gives a first hand account of how he met Douglas Adams in the very early days, while showing how he produces a new version of the Babel fish candy that was a sensation in 2016! Here's the video. Warning: the Babel fish are meant for you to eat and not for you to stick in your ear. Really. You can order them here.
  • The National Review mentioned Towel Day and linked to the website.
  • Device42, a leader in CMDB, ADM and DCIM software gives away 100 towels on Towel Day 2019. Shipping only to the US and Canada.
  • Towel Discounters is offering 25% off on Towels until 31 May, with the code TOWELDAY.

Featured video: Towel Day A Tribute, by Антон Рус Я ев (for once, no English)