This was Towel Day 2017

Samantha and Aiden Mickel Cunningham got married on Towel Day 2017, notice the towels
Samantha and Aiden Mickel Cunningham got married on Towel Day 2017, notice the towels

Ms Hillary Block was elected Earth's new Intergalactic Towel Day Ambassador for 2017.

She was supported by these Regional Towel Day Ambassadors:
  • Dan Ekberg - South Dakota and South America
  • Demetria Blacksmith - Europe
  • Jay Rainha - Massachusetts and Africa
  • Scott Alexander Young - Hungary, the Antarctic, and New Zealand
  • Laura Lee - Utah and Asia
  • Gee Whizz - United Kingdom and Hawaii
  • Dale Who - Australia


  • The hoopy froods from Galactic Hitchhikers invite you to join their Google Hangout for a live reading of Restaurant! They read H2G2 in 2016 and want to continue this Towel Day activity because it is available worldwide. Their guest audio engineer will be Cris Benson and since they have eight Don't Panic if the time seems odd, it is only an illusion after all. Towel Day Ambassadors, They feel confident a few will show up! Depending on participation, the event can be Don't Panic if the time seems odd, it is only an illusion after all. extended beyond Towel Day proper, or improper depending on your perspective. No video will be used for the audio recording, so be casual. Feel free to reference the Youtube video, to show that really anyone can participate in this event. Please let them know which chapters you wish to read, and no, it does not have to be in order (why make editing easy?). Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • We have created a Towel Day Facebook event, please join it and invite your hoopy friends!
  • Even at the European Space Agency, people are counting down:

    (tweet from March 15th 2017 - Discover the 42-related "result" they are referring to here!

  • We are proud to present the brand new music video of a sweet tune called "Towel Day", composed by Alessandro Sbrogio'. The video is full of references to Adams' work and shows musicians on their galactic journeys, wearing housecoats and towels, on Chesterfield sofas, among whales and teapots. The track is performed by the Magister Espresso Orchestra, directed by Denis Feletto, and the video is animated by cartoonist Valeria Cozzarini. The new album of the Magister Espresso Orchestra contains this track and much more musical goodness. It is out now on Itunes, Spotify and Deezer
  • A trailer for "Day of the Towel" was released on Vimeo by BulletPilot Productions. The final product was announced for Towel Day 2018! Looks brilliant! Check it out!
  • Our friends from Austria need your help for their virtual Towel Day exhibition on the subject of 42. "In Douglas Adams cult book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the number 42 is calculated in response to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything. We want to answer this question and look for photos on the subject of 42. Please send the pictures with their history and their relation to the work of Douglas Adams to A colorful overview is to be created from the pictures sent. The virtual exhibition with hopefully 42 exhibits will be available on May 25 at"
  • Billy Stevens has moved his webpage that generates random sentences that sound like quotes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to a new address. You can now find it at
  • IDW issue 8 features a Towel Day themed cover! Way to go you hoopy froods!
  • In New York, NY, Paste Studios gave some special attention to Towel Day in the mini-concerts they live streamed to Facebook (they stream live concerts every day, check out this recent session with The Black Angels for reference). On Towel Day the singer of Flogging Molly had a towel on his shoulder during their live performance and the cheerful bunch of Lard Dog & The Band of Shy entertained us with a mini-concert enriched with Hitchhiker's guide references, a word about Towel Day, advice for intergalactical hitchhikers and of course towels!
  • Dexter42 made an epic computer graphic based on an Arhur Dent cosplay and you can see how he did it on Youtube.
  • There's a Towel Day thread on reddit. Happy Towel Day, redditors!
  • is selling a limited edition Towel Day 2017 towel for $12.99. Until May 14th or until they run out you get it for free with orders $50+ if you use the code HOOPYFROOD.
  • GetDigital, "your geek stuff supplier" is selling a Towel Day bundle (shirt, towel, mug and button) for 29,95 EUR.
  • Magavot is a company that sells towels with Drytech technology: quick drying, super absorbent, lightweight and compact. During the whole week (21 May - 28 May) they offer a 20% discount. (use the coupon "TowelDay" at checkout) They would love it if people visited their Facebook page and add a comment to their Towel Day promo post "I celebrate The towel day with". They have door-to-door delivery within 5 business days within Israel and 14 business days out of Israel.
  • In Second Life, Towel Day will be celebrated in the region called Passion Bay with discussions and chat, a DJ playing H2G2 and other sci-fi music and plenty of Hitchhikers props. Staff will be in relevant costumes!
  •'s 365 Days Of Philosophy podcast 144 was dedicated to Towel Day and Douglas Adams.
  • Pepe Carrasco made a funny Youtube video, in which he makes excellent use of his towel.
  • Metro published "Towel Day 2017: Why are people carrying towels around for the day?", an article by Imogen Groome.
  • Downthetubes ran a quite interesting and elaborate article by John Freeman entitled "Throwback Thursday for Towel Day: When 2000AD’s Tharg went Hitchhiker’s".
  • Librarians from Wollongong City Libraries made a wonderfully funny and charming Towel Day video.
  • In Bregenz, ON 11 MAY, the day of Douglas Adams' death, European Towel Day Ambassador 2015 Philipp Horatschek will read from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in bookstore Brunner (in Bregenz) at 18.00. Details and RSVP on Facebook and for the Facebook deprived on and
  • In Vienna, geocachers are meeting at 16:21 for a quest for truth that will take 42 minutes. Details on
BELGIUM (sorry!)
  • In Namur there will be an event hosted by the bar "Projet 42" (excellent name!). Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • IBM Brasil handed out special towels for Towel Day! Fernando Rych posted "IBM gave the top 30 influencers a towel to celebrate the nerd culture on the Towel Day, Thank you #IBM!" Picture (very nice towel!)
  • In Belo Horizonte, local hoopy froods run an online towel photo contest (watch this great video from last year's contest). And from 4pm to 9 pm there's Happy Hour with giveaways and activities at HQueijo Comic Store (1922, Gonçalves Dias St, Store 301). Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • Also in Belo Horizonte, ON MAY 27TH, there's entertainment going on the whole day:
    • May 27th from 11am to 4pm: Nerd Walk, a parade of Nerds with Towels and Cosplays at Liberty Square (Praça da Liberdade)
    • May 27th from 4pm to 9 pm: Happy Hour with giveaways, Cosplay Contest, THHGTTG quizz and Vogon Poetry appreciation at HQueijo Comic Store (1922, Gonçalves Dias St, Store 301)
    Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Brasília-DF, ON SUNDAY MAY 28, the 5th Omninerdia celebrates Towel Day at CLN 206 Norte Bloco B, between 14.00 and 19.00. Come around and take a place at our Towel Contest, Musical Nerd Quiz and the traditional Vogon Poetry Contest! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Recife, the crazy Brazilian Nerds will hold mega celebrations for 4 consecutive days in the Tacaruna shopping mall to celebrate Towel Day and 40 years of Star Wars (25,26,27 and 28 May). Here's some information, mangled by Google Translate: "The Towel Day will also have two environments, one with a free access area with some good attractions and booths, and another paid area of Power-kon Recife: Strike Back where special guests will be presented that will come especially for super stage presentations with dancers, artists (in the coming days come the confirmation of the names), cosplay contest, Kpop and all with popular prices of half entrance for only $ 20.00. In addition to being the official voice actor of Wolverine, Skeleton (He-man) was also the Obi-wan Kenobi's voice-over in the Star Wars dubbing of the first Saga films that will be giving an Office Of Theoretical and Practical Dubbing." Details and RSVP on Facebook.
    The event was already mentioned in the press a month before Towel Day: here, here and here. Well done, you magnificent Brazilian froods!
  • In Sao Paolo, Towel Day is celebrated at Bar GIBI Cultura Geek, starting at 17.00. There will be beer. There will be peanuts. There will be Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters! The movie and the series will be screened. Join the hoopiest froods of the galaxy and come enjoy a drink... and don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • Also in Sao Paolo, ON JUNE 24TH, there's the second edition of Don't PaniCON, "A trip to the End of the Universe". Don't PaniCON is aimed at people over 18 who want to meet other fans of the Guide and geek culture, make a trip to another Universe, and meet other life forms (alien or not). Beer, peanuts and Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters will be there to boost your social and inter-species communication skills. ! There will be discussion about series with Nerd Rabugento, a show out of orbit with the band Spielbergs, and DJ FEZSANTOS playing intergalactic songs to loosen your legs. Your host is Erick Krominski, presenter at Radio Geek, actor and former CQC. Along with the girls of Obrigado Pelos Peixes and Tiago Almeida from Bar GIBI Cultura Geek. In addition, the Do Pirula Channel, Qu4tro Things, BláBláLogia and Go read a book will also be there! Also, there will be Além disso,o Canal Do Pirula, Qu4tro Coisas, BláBláLogia e Vá ler um livro também estarão por lá! For hitchhikers there will be special exhibits with products from planets beyond our galaxy. More attractions will be confirmed and schedules will be announced soon as well! Join the Facebook event, secure your ticket, find your towel and see you on June 24. Buy your ticket now! Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Zagreb Towel Day will be celebrated at the Krivi Put club. Don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Plzen, starting at 19.00 Towel Day will be celebrated at Na Konci Vesmíru. There will be Pangalactic Gargle Blasters (note: unless we misunderstood the Google Translate translation) and a welcome drink for each hitchhiker! So come to honor the memory of Douglas Adams, invite your hitchhiker friends and take Friday off! Please, don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  •, Czech online bookstore run by hardcore booklovers celebrates Towel Day and the genius of the man who introduced us to Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and Vogon poetry, just like every year. For this memorable day they prepared:
    • Special all-day 25% discount on sci-fi and fantasy books - including English books and e-books
    • Photo contest: The hitchhikers who will show the most creative usage of a towel get a chance to win unique "Don't panic!” towel and gift coupons to buy books.
    Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Prague, Matfyzpress offers from 25/5/2017 until 31/5/2017 a 10% discount on Michael Hanlon's book "The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and science" on the e-shop price, i.e. 197 czk. When during this period you come to the shop (Sokolov 83, Prague 8) with a towel, then there will be a discount of 15%, 186 czk. YOu can call them on 951 553 141 and pick up a book outside of opening hours. Source.
  • In Aalborg, you can join a Towel Day brunch-quiz from 10:00–11:30. Sounds like fun! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Copenhagen, the lovely froods who organised last year's succesful picnic are back! Find the latest info and RSVP on Facebook
  • All life forms are welcome to join the Google hangout on Towel Day 2017 provided by the administrator of the Towel Day in Denmark Facebook page. A google Hangout for all intelligent life forms and HGtG enthusiasts on the insignificant blue green planet far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. The intend is to create a virtual space to discuss the series, recite Vogon poetry, speculate about the significance of the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, and generally have fun on Towel Day 2017. The hangouts link will be posted on this event; both in the description and on the timeline, 18 minutes before the specified time. You are, of course, permitted to show up at any point during the hangout and continue as long as you like. Keep in mind that the event starts at 4 PM EST/9 PM UTC. Any formal rules for acceptable social behavior of humans will be temporarily withdrawn for the occasion. The minimal requirement is that no life form intentionally attempt to make another life form (inter- or intra-species) severely upset; particularly, your host strongly advises against making a member of homo-sapiens sapiens feel negative emotions, since that can sometimes cause system overloads. Please see this page for more information on the strange human notion of ‘empathy’. Your host hopes to see lots of towel day celebrators! Cheers, and don’t panic! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Helsinki, Douglas Adams fans will meet at Pub Angleterre, from 18:00 to 22:00, sipping beer and consuming peanuts. They will read Vogon-poetry in Finnish for everybody even if they did not ask for it. Also they will try to contact other Towel Day parties over the world and also low passing spacecrafts.
  • In Lahti, geocachers will meet at the central market place at 16:42. After admiring eachothers towels (don't forget yours!), they'll head to a nearby bar. Details and RSVP on
  • In Tampere, hoopy froods (among which Aki Pitkäjärvi will meet again at Jack the Rooster. The meeting will start at 5 PM. Outside at the terrace, if the weather permits. There will be a HHGTG quiz show with some "nasty trivia questions". Details and contact on Facebook.
  • In Turku, Cosmic Comic Cafe presents its 11th annual Towel Day. Theirs might be the first and oldest ongoing bad poetry night on Towel Day, they started in 2006. Like in many years before, their Towel Day programme focuses on recitations of the worst poetry in the universe. The poems will be churned out by the audience on the spot. The texts will be recited aloud immediately. No reviews, no judges, no competition, no tomorrow! Bring your towel with you, dull your pen and let your large intestine throttle your brain. (The towel will also give you a discount on Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters.)
    At 6 o’clock the Tutka association (Science Culture Cabinet of Turku University) will have a bad poetry workshop (they have recently published a small collection of their Towel Day poetry, "Tyrän saanut ampiainen" ("A Lurgid Bee"). You can order it here. There will be hourly poetry shows beginning from 7 o'clock PM. In between the shows, Dj Modem plays soothing music for melting brains.
    The Turku froods are still waiting for Zarquon to return. While waiting for The True Prophet™, at midnight on the Towel Day, they'll have The Competition of False Prophets(TM) who'll give us a full round of wrong prognostications for The End of the World™. Everyone is welcome to attend the competition. The prizes include petunias, whales, masses of brainless followers, and beer.
    The space prog band Oort will be playing and take the vogon poetry experience to the next level by making impro space prog songs of the poems written during the Towel Day evening.
    In anticipation for The Towel Day, from May 13th on Cosmic Comic Café presents a little exhibition of the worst of the bad poetry over the years.
    More info and contact: Cosmic Comic Cafe Facebook and website, and their Towel Day site.
  • In Paris, at 15.00 the famous Towel Day Olympics ("Olympiades de la Serviette") take place at the parc Martin Luther King (75017, Métro Brochant). They will consist of the classic elements (shooting, throwing, running, etc.) Competition will be fierce as there are now multiple champions among the participants. Don't miss this unique event!

    At 18.00 Towel Day festivities continue at the nearby splendid new place "Super Vegan" (118 rue des Moines 75017, Métro Brochant ou Guy Môquet), which will thus be inaugurated. The kitchen is still under construction so you won't be able to taste their exquisite meals, but there will be drinks and peanuts (and more). The Hitchhiker's guide movie and Monty Python classics will be screened and there will be plenty of board games. All in all a pleasant evening among Douglas Adams fans!

    Details and RSVP on Facebook

  • In Frankfurt am Main, geocachers are meeting for a Towel Day celebration. It starts at 19:42 and ends at 20:42. There will be a speech and a group photo will be taken. Address: Brunnen zwischen Hauptwache und Konstabler, Höhe Zeil 71, 60313 Frankfurt am Main. Bring a towel or bathrobe! Details on
  • In Hamburg, Towel Day will be celebrated for the third year in a row. The event starts at 18.00 at Platz ohne Namen. Every life form is welcome to share some Pangalactic Gargle Blasters, some readings, peanuts & all the rest. They still accept submissions in the form of more Adams readings, Vogon poems, intergalactic lectures & planetary workshops, please contact the organisers via their webpage. Don't forget your towel and lawn chair.
  • In Lüneburg at 16.00 the reading of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will continue! Visitors who arrive with a towel will get a free Pan Galactic Gargleblaster. Where: KulturBäckerei Lüneburg, Dorette-von-Stern-Str. 2, D-21335 Lüneburg
  • In Stuttgart, Towel Day is being celebrated at a place aptly called Milliways from 18.00 until 01.00. Don't forget your towel! Wulle Beer will donate 1 EUR to a charity for every Wulle beer drunk at Milliways on Towel Day. Musically the whole is accompanied by Tomek and Friends. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • GetDigital, "your geek stuff supplier" is selling a Towel Day bundle (shirt, towel, mug and button) for 29,95 EUR.
  • In Budapest, a first Annual tribute to Douglas Adams will be held in Krak'N Town, a fabulous Steampunk Saloon. Hosted by actor/writer/artist Scott Alexander Young. Plus special guests from Sci-Fi TV show MARS, Nicholas Wittman, AND Caroline Boulton (Tyrant, World Without End, Dr Who). With prizes (food and drink vouchers/artwork by Scott) for best dressed galactic hitchhikers! And Vogon Poetry competition! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Kecskemét, Towel Day will be celebrated for the first time, on the main square. There will be a competition for the most unique and beautiful towel. And entries will be collected for the Tourist guide to Kecskemét, Douglas Adams style! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Pécs the Minerva Library celebrates on MAY 24TH at 16pm already. There will be reading from the trilogy, towel excercises, Vogon poetry, and a lot about the animals, humanoids and other living features of the Galaxy - we have the last chance to see some of them... Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Szolnok the friendly librarians at the Verseghy Ferenc Library are celebrating Towel Day and carring towels. Why not drop by with your towel and say hi? Bonus: registration is free this Towel Day if you carry a towel. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In New Delhi, hoopy froods will meet in a restaurant cryptically named restaurant 4S in Defence Colony market. They are inviting Earthlings to join in for food and drinks, but are basically hoping to chance upon someone from Betelguese V to help them hitch a ride away from this planet and its impending doom. They will also try to avoid Vogon Poetry. The restaurant's manager has allowed them to get together and hold this BYOB&F party (buy your own booze and food). This is less out of excitement, and more out of pity for the crazies who want a relaxing drink before their space travel next day. And getting more customers, of course. Join them for an evening of celebration and discussion of Douglas Adams' works, nerdy references to his books, discussions around how bad the movie was and some version of Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters! Oh and they will also try to avoid Vogon Poetry. So please absolutely DO NOT visit this link and get your own poem for the event day. Details and RSVP on
  • The Hindu published an article by Mini Anthikad Chhibber called "Don’t throw in the towel".
  • In Cloughjordan, there was a reading of Episode One of the radio play of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in the Cloughjordan Amphitheatre, starting at 7.00pm. Performed by upright ape-like creatures, mostly hairless, humanoids, commonly called people. This performance required audience participation in the form of sound effects, towel carrying and staring into space. There also was a very special appearance by Caoimhiers 'Vogonity' Woods who read a selection of his Vogon poetry, written in very complex rhyme scales. There was a dress code: carry a TOWEL. A video is available here.
  • In Dublin, geocachers are getting together to think of the books, Arthur Dent and most importantly Douglas Adams, on the middle of Half Penny Bridge at 5:42 p.m. Logbook will be open till 6:15 p.m. They'll recognize each other by the towels. Details on
  • Magavot is a company that sells towels with Drytech technology: quick drying, super absorbent, lightweight and compact. During the whole week (21 May - 28 May) they offer a 20% discount. (use the coupon "TowelDay" at checkout) They would love it if people visited their Facebook page and add a comment to their Towel Day promo post "I celebrate The towel day with". They have door-to-door delivery within 5 business days within Israel and 14 business days out of Israel.
  • There's an Italian Towel Day Facebook event page where Italian hitchhikers can find more info, share your photos with towels and participate in two contests: the Vogon Poetry contest (poetry competition) and The Hitchhiker's Sketch to The Galaxy contest (art competition) Facebook event page
  • In Naples, some hoopy froods will meet at the Bayern Haus for drinks and taking pictures among other things (we think - our Babel fish doesn't work well for the moment) Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Milan, ON MAY 28TH, the people from Gomma Festival will present their illustrated guide for hitchhikers at Santeria (via Paladini 8 and 16 to 22.30). What we can already disclose: the guide will have the shape of a box, with 30 A5 boards (front illustrated and back with description of the scene, taken from the book), printed on luxury paper, made by six artists. There is an extra print in risograph in each box. The artists involved are: Federico Zeta, OWL Good Night Design, Pierpaolo Paoletti, Giada Gunetti, Gloria Faureiana Martinelli, and Sara Tiano. To celebrate the anniversary and the release of the publication, there will be a showcase of illustrators involved, presentation of the box, a reading curated by Gianmarco Tricarico, 2 different dj sets and, for the occasion, Santeria will prepare a cocktail list ad hoc : 2 euro discount (and free shots of Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters) for those coming to the event with a towel. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Orvieto, time and place for a celebration hadn't been chosen at the time of writing. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Perugia, a Towel Day get together will be held from 21.00 until 01.00 at Polo Nerd. Polo Nerd is a meeting place for those who enjoy board games, comic books, role-playing games or video games, cosplay, card games, movies or TV series. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Pisa, time and place for a celebration hadn't been chosen at the time of writing. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Reggio di Calabria, there's a celebration organized by Role & Roll, with a group photo, readings from the book, a Hitchhiker's quiz, pan galactic gargle blasters, and a Vogon poetry reading. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Trieste, from 19.00 on hoopy froods will meet to celebrate Towel Day. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Udine there will be a dinner with many "adamsian" activities and you can vote on what they will be! Details and RSVP on Eventbrite.
  • In Verona, the meeting place is Arena di Verona, at 16.00. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Seoul, Korean hitchhikers will gather in Gangnam to hitch a ride with a spaceship and escape the "Hell Joseon" (Joseon = the last Korean kingdom). In order to commemorate the match between Lee Sedol (Legendary Korean Go player of 9 dan rank) and AlphaGo, they will hold the 2nd AlphaOmok Competition. This year, a connection of the specially degenerated earthians’ brains (so-called "physicians") will confront an artificial intelligence (Wat-soon) over medical diagnosis (diagnostic bingo game). Special guests: May "the Protein, Alcohol, and Music" be with you... 25th May, PM 6-10, Café Lasomme 39-5 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
    Details and RSVP on Facebook. Also check out this Facebook page.
  • For the sixth year in a row, Esteban Cisneros, who teaches Spanish and Literature to seventh and ninth graders at the Albanta "University for Kids", organized Towel Day celebrations. There was Vogon poetry, towel carrying, good living... Who says school has to be boring? By the way, poems were SO BAD they had to declare a tie between two students... but only after they made a written plea for it, signed it, sent copies to the direction, the area coordinators, the library and the maintenance chief, commited two mistakes, redid the document, resigned it, sent it to the Education Board for revision and... Fun was clearly had, here are some pictures.
  • Esteban Cisneros also wrote a post on the 1978 radio play for pop culture blog Mongo.
  • In Nijmegen, Towel Day will be celebrated at cafe Brebl with a mix of live science, comedy, literature and music! Pan galactic gargle blasters will be served and there will be a quiz. Details and RSVP on Facebook. Here are some photos.
  • In Rotterdam, Towel Day 2017 will be celebrated for the third time. The event this year will be held in Cafe Pardoen, Spaansekade 62, Rotterdam. They will serve a free Pangalactic Gargleblaster to anyone bringing a towel (until they run out of course). Other activities will include a Vogon Poetry Contest, Dwarfish Battle Bread Battle, and more chances to win fabulous prizes. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  •, a pretty cool site for book lovers, published "Towel Day: Neem je Handdoek mee". From which we learned that in the Dutch edition, Harry Dent is called Hugo Veld.
  • In Oslo, pub-loving skeptics are celebrating Towel Day at "Hitchhiker" - Oslo's gourmet gatematrestaurant on the 2nd floor at Mathallen. They will mix Pangalactic gargle blaster especially for the group! They have reservations from 15.00 until 17.00.
    Attention: there are only 20 tickets available for the event at Hitchhiker, so it pays to be early! The "sale" closes on May 20th.
    The ticket applies only to the Hitchhiker event. If you only want to participate in rebus, quiz and drinks after dinner, there is a big blue bottle statue outside of Mathallen at 17:00. Afterwards there there will be a quiz trail that ends in a new, secret location for more drinks, quizes and awesome prizes. Details and RSVP on Eventbrite and on Facebook: Part One and Part Two.
  • In Leba, at 8pm, there's a geocaching event on Towel Day. It's organised as a school trip for school kids, walking with towels. But others are free to attend. Details:
  • In Timisoara, the hoopy couchsurfing community of Timisoara is preparing its sixth Towel Day celebrations. Details and RSVP on
  • In Singapore, Mensa Singapore and the Irish Graduates Association of Singapore are organizing a geek quiz again to celebrate Towel day and Geek Pride day. The quiz will be held at D.C. Comics Superheroes cafe in Singapore. Winners get cash prizes and limited edition Mensa towels. Those interested can register here.
  •, the big online shop and the biggest bookshop in Slovakia celebrates Towel Day and the unforgettable humour of Douglas Adams in their 9 bookstores across Slovakia and online, as in previous years.
    For this memorable day they prepared:
    • Special all-day 25% discount on sci-fi and fantasy books - including English books and e-books
    • Hoopy competition prepared by 10 photos of most creative usage of towel will be rewarded with exclusive Hitchhikers "Don't panic!" towel
    • And also a competition for their booksellers: 3 photos of most creative usage of towel will be rewarded with exclusive Hitchhikers "Don't panic!" towel as well.
    Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In San Sebastián, the Egia Library celebrates Towel Day for the second time. This year they have chosen the Hitchhiker's Guide as subject for a debate in their Science Fiction Book Club. This week they are going to give tickets for the draw of some towels (especially made for their patrons) on May 25th. On that day librarians will carry a towel, of course! They've also created posters and explain what Towel Day is about, and thus slowly their city becomes aware of Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's guide.
  • In Gävle, "Gefle Science-Fiction" will celebrate Towel Day. Recitation of Vogon poetry are optional, beer and peanuts are mandatory. The city council has delivered a permit to meet in the town center and recite Vogon poetry to the general public (they clearly don't know about the horrors of Vogon poetry). The Vogon poetry reading will start at 18:30 sharp, at a statue that is popularly known as "The slut in the water". The statue probably has a real and decent name, but nobody seems to know it in Gvleä. After the reading of Vogon poetry, complementing the participants' lovely towels, taking pictures and enlighting earthings about the Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy and Douglas Adams, they will go to the Bishops Arms at 19:00 to drink beer and eat peanuts while waiting for the world to end. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Örebro, everyone is welcome to join the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-café for tea and biscuits! It is organized by two geekettes with great taste in books at the ABF (the Workers' Educational Assocation, Sweden’s largest adult liberal education association). Everyone is welcome and visitors are of course encouraged to wear a towel. The café open at 14:00-17:00 at ABF Örebro, Fredsgatan 18. The H2G2 café is part of a platform they call "Nördkultur" that regularly presents lectures on subjects like RPG, table top, Stephen King - The myth and legend and Harry Potter - From book to movie. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Izmir, a Towel Day gathering is planned which will include towels, drinks, fun, gossiping about extraterrestrials and maybe a non-lethal poetry slam. Join them if your ship drops you nearby! Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • Stephen Fry tweeted a Towel Day message, thinking of his old friend Douglas Adams.
  • James Thrift, Douglas' half-brother tweeted about Towel Day and... forgot his towel! (must be a family trait and we're sure he KNOWS where it is)
  • In Brighton the Yellow Book Bar sells "Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters" for £5.50.
  • In Cambridge, ZZ9's David Haddock will again lead his popular and always interesting Douglas Adams tour of Cambridge. As a precursor to Lazlar Lyricon (see below), David will be running a tour of the city on the evening of Towel Day, starting at the Railway Station at 18:30 and ending in town (around 20:30). "See where Douglas Adams was born, where he went to University, where the biscuit incident took place, where the TARDIS lands in Shada, and more. Some pubs with Adams connections may be involved." Details and RSVP on Facebook. Here are some pictures last year.
  • In Islington, on Saturday the 27th of May, ZZ9's David Haddock will lead a Douglas Adams tour of Islington. "As a precursor to Lazlar Lyricon 3 we will be touring Islington to see where Douglas Adams got the inspiration for Fenchurch's door, and where Hotblack Desiato's office is, as well as locations from the Dirk Gently books. Plus you can marvel at how in the 21st century you can get a pizza on Upper Street. Finishing where the Arlingtonians lived." Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • Lazlar Lyricon 3, a fun convention for fans of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is coming on 9th-11th June 2017! For more info, check out their website.
  • In London, from 19.00-22.00, comedian Rachel Wheeley is organising a Stand Up for Towel Day comedy gig. Vogon poetry readings! Cocktails and towels! This is going to be one seriously hoopy night. In the basement of Tottenham Court Road's Waterstones, a stand up night celebrating all things Hitch-Hiker, in memory of Douglas Adams. There will be stand up comedy on the Real Shoe Event Horizon, the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and some exclusive findings from Douglas Adams' notebooks. All topped off by Vogon songs and poetry from none other than The Story Beast (‘One of the wonders of the Fringe.’ ????? Mirror ‘A thing of wonder.’ ???? Fest ‘White hot brilliance’ ???? Time Out) Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters will be served in the book shop bar. We have ordered lemon-scented napkins and are assured these will be delivered in time for the start of the gig. Show us your towel for a packet of peanuts to help with matter-transference beams and win prizes for the best Hitch-Hiker inspired costumes. Some of the acts confirmed for SUFTD 2017:
    • Kevin Jon Davies (Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
    • Paul Duncan McGarrity (Comedian's Cinema Club)
    • Simon Watt (Ugly Animal Preservation Society)
    • Steve Cross (Science Showoff, Book Showoff)
    • The Story Beast ("White hot brilliance" ???? Time Out)
    • John Lloyd (The Meaning of Liff, QI, Blackadder)
    All proceeds will go to Save the Rhino. Tickets (£5.90) and details at available here.
  • In Kenmore (Scotland), from 12:00 until 20:00 there's a Towel Day celebration / fundraising event for the Breadalbane Library Community, on the banks of beautiful Loch Tay: Join us at the Hot Box! Tickets available at Taymouth Marina reception, £10 per person includes:
    • * 50% donation to Breadalbane Library
    • * Quiz entry fee
    • * Sauna use with a towel hire and a soft drink
    Pangalactic Quiz Extravaganza starts at 18:00
    (4 people per team max)
    A prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place
    Food and drinks available at the bar. Dress up outfits welcome!

    Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Wincanton, at 6pm, there will be a screening of the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, introduced by Sue Adams (Douglas' sister). The movie is followed by a child-friendly pub quiz. In association with Wincanton’s Discworld Emporium there will be some fabulous prizes for the quiz and a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster for the winning team. A towel is necessary for entry (but can be rented at the door). There will be extra quiz points for anyone wearing a bathrobe. Article in the Wincanton Window
  • Metro published "Towel Day 2017: Why are people carrying towels around for the day?", an article by Imogen Groome.
  • Downthetubes ran a quite interesting and elaborate article by John Freeman entitled "Throwback Thursday for Towel Day: When 2000AD’s Tharg went Hitchhiker’s".
  • Samantha and Aiden Mickel Cunningham got married on Towel Day! Notice the towel on the wedding pictures! We wish these geeky people a long and love-filled life together!
  • The Chicago Tribune, published an article by columnist Bill Mego "Naperville needs to be first to embrace 'Towel Day'". Mego argues that Naperville should embrace Towel Day and ends his column with I don't know if Naperville could ever loosen up enough to celebrate Towel Day. We take ourselves pretty seriously. But it would be great if at least, on May 25, our restaurants would give a free Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster to anyone who walked in with a towel. After watching the news these days, which seems reminiscent of Vogon poetry, we sure could use one.
  • In Dallas, TX, join Intergalactic Towel Day Ambassador Hillary Block as she hijacks Patioke @ Vetted Well's Karaoke Party on the Patio, perfect for spotting green spaceships. "Bring your towel for what is sure to be a good time with an amazing song library and good people. We will also be collecting donations for Save the Rhino and copies of Douglas Adam's Books for Destination Read." Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Damariscotta, ME, from Wednesday-Saturday, May 24-27, Smitten Collectibles & Nerdy Treasures will accept donations of old towels and other needed items for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Edgecomb in celebration of Towel Day. In appreciation of donations, the store is happy to give customers a 20 percent discount on their purchases. This discount is stackable with Smitten’s Level Up Titan discount as well. A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have, but towels come in pretty handy at the shelter, too! In addition to towels, the following items are also acceptable donations: old bedding, Frontline Plus flea and tick treatment for dogs or cats, dry dog food (any brand with no red dyes added), laundry detergent (any brand), and paper towels. Donations can be dropped off at Smitten Collectibles & Nerdy Treasures at 2 Hodgdon St., Damariscotta. Store hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Only one offer per customer/Level Up card, please. Article in a local newspaper.
  • In Denver, CO, hoopy froods will marathon the original BBC Series. Bring your favorite movie snack and/or beverage to share. And, don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on
  • In Kansas City, MO, over the period June 8th - 11th there's HEAR Now - The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival. It's no Towel Day event, but some froods may be interested because on June 9th from 15:30-16:30 there is the "Simon Jones Retrospective" at the NATF Playhouse, where Simon will share "sounds and stories from some of his favorite audio plays including Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Details.
  • In Leadville, CO, you can bring your towel to Periodic Brewing and enjoy some good craft beer. Pb is the world's highest craft brewery. A limited number of 42 "Don't Panic There's Beer" towels will be available to purchase for Towel Day to honor Douglas Adams. The ultimate bar or gym towel. It has built-in CleenFreek® antimicrobial technology and it wipes away sweat while preventing bacteria growth. Bring it on Beer Geeks! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Lincoln, NE, local software development firm Don't Panic Labs (how cool a name is that?) will hold their first annual Towel Day drive.
    The drive kicks off at 10 am outside the Don’t Panic Labs offices at 151 N 8th Street in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District (just outside of KD Designs and Scooters – in the event of inclement weather, the team will be located inside Scooters at 8th and P Streets). Team members will be on hand to collect new or gently used towels that will be donated to the People’s City Mission. Cash donations to purchase more towels will also be accepted. The team will receive donations until 3 pm.
    At 4 pm, the team will officially present the towels to People’s City Mission representatives on the Don’t Panic Labs’ rooftop deck. The public and press are welcome to attend.
    "Giving back to the community is in our DNA," said CTO and co-founder Doug Durham. "We wanted to take part in the celebration of Douglas Adams and the inspiration for our name, but we also wanted to help address a need that’s right in our own backyard. The team’s concept is quirky, but it’s also emblematic of how we work. We identify the problem, develop a plan, and then execute."
    Don’t Panic Labs launched in 2010 as the development arm of Nebraska Global. Their intergalactic headquarters is located in the Historic Haymarket District of Lincoln, Nebraska. Press release
  • In Minneapolis, MN, ON SATURDAY MAY 20TH (so more can take part) the Hecks Angels Twin Cities Scooter Club is putting it on. They'll start at Go Moto, do a parkway ride down to south Minneapolis and end up at Merlin's Rest so they can tip back a British one to his memory and maybe have a meat pie. More details coming up. At the request of Go Moto motorcycles are also invited. This is a 30 MPH ride. Bring a towel and "DON'T PANIC"! The Twin Cities Scoot Collective is also taking part. Details and RSVP on
  • In New York, NY, at 19.30, there's Astronomy on Tap's ode to Douglas Adams! Join them for FREE at the Way Station as they celebrate 2017 Towel Day!
    • Irene Pease aka the Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer
    • Brian Levine aka MC Tycho Brewhaha
    • Summer Ash aka MC Stardust
    • Jana Gcrevich and Olivia Koski, from the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, on their very own Vacation Guide to the Solar System
    • Russell Taragan AMNH, on the improbability of the infinitie improbability drive, and other propulsion systems.
    • Irene Pease on Towels… in… SPACE!
    • and Jackie Faherty, AMNH, on the unlikelihood of a restaurant at the End of the Universe
    Bring your best towel! And join us for an evening of fun, booze, and science! Quiz starts at 7:30, talks start at 8pm, prizes at 10pm.
    Details and RSVP on Facebook.
    Pictures by Old Gymnast
  • Also in New York, NY, the inaugural BoroughCon runs May 26-29. The kickoff party, May 25, is at a performance of "Wild Women of Planet Wongo". Yes, we're giving away towels. Source
  • And also in New York, NY, Paste Studios live stream mini-concerts to Facebook every day (check out this recent session with The Black Angels for reference). On Towel Day all artists will play with towels over their shoulder. Looks like Lard Dog and Flogging Molly will play that day.
  • In New York you may run into Old Gymnast (photographer/videographer/steadycam operator), who like every year will be searching for fellow Towel Day celebrators and photographing them. Here are his pictures from previous years. Here are his 2018 pictures!
  • In Saint Petersburg, FL, Books at Park Place are hosting a Towel Day Event. They have a best robe contest and local authors Bob Dixon and Amanda Byrd will be signing their books. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Springfield, MA, the Springfield City Library in Massachusetts is celebrating Towel Day and Doug Adams’ book The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy by having a towel drive at nine of their library locations. As all good intergalactic hitchhikers know, towels are necessary for successful star traveling, but local animal shelters need them too! Bring in your clean but reusable old towels to be donated to the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center for use as animal bedding. Each accepted towel will earn you a raffle ticket to win a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Sponsored by the Friends of the Library. During open hours at all locations between May 22nd-27th.

Featured video: "Towel Day", composed by Alessandro Sbrogio', performed by the Magister Espresso Orchestra and animated by Valeria Cozzarini. Available from Itunes, Spotify and Deezer