This was Towel Day 2010

Towel Day 2010 in Toronto, Canada
Mark and Martha celebrating Towel Day 2010 in Toronto


  • Geocachers had a Towel Day Pub Lunch. They were asked to bring their towel and, or course, a GPS!
  • At the Mana Bar in Brisbane, hitchhikers had the chance to win games and prizes for the "best" towels. It started at 17:00, free entry, free games. Here are some pictures, looks like people there had a great time.
  • If there was an award for the most unexpected way to pay tribute to Douglas Adams, this would have been the 2010 winner. On Nisaba presented a 42 card tarot spread "to be carried out on the 25th May and laid out on a Towel that you choose to carry around for the whole day in honour and memory of Douglas Adams". The description of the spread is full of references to the guide, for example: "Row Five is the Improbability Drive. These cards show you what is supremely unlikely, and therefore almost certain to happen."
  • You could win a bamboo towel by sending Towel Day pictures to the Eureco Eco Store.
  • ACHNUS Film invited fans to a multidimensional presentation called "Don’t Panic - Tag mit Handtuch" at 20:30 in the Movie-Lounge, Bützestr. 7 in Wolfurt.
  • Rafaël Verbiese brought Towel Day to Belgium and invited all hitchhikers "correctly equiped with their towel" to meet in Tournai. (near the French border, 25 km from Lille) They met between 19:00 and 19:30 in front of the old belfry (in the vicinity of the cathedral). At 19:30 the group headed for the Celtic pub "Cornwall", to drink some Belgian beers together in memory of Douglas.
  • Cristian Conitzer, who runs a bike cafe in La Paz, celebrated Towel Day. The picture was posted online by Julian Bloomer, an Irishman travelling by bike in South America.
  • In Araraquara, a city in the state of São Paulo, a conference about Literature, Humour and The Guide was planned to happen on the UNESP's (University of São Paulo) campus, in celebration of Universal Towel Week. (they have a Towel WEEK in Brazil? Wow!)
  • On Orkut there was talk about a Brazilian flashmob.
  • Like every year, blogger Jovem Nerd ("Young Nerd") asked his readers to send pictures and video's. There were prizes to be won. Entries & Winners
  • FANTASTIC: watch the TV coverage the Toronto froods managed to get! (mixed French & English) Kudos to all involved and especially to spokesbeing Mark Roberts and TV personality David Baeta, they did a stellar job!
  • Toronto had a Towel Day photo scavenger hunt/pub crawl! Paul Smith wrote: "May 25 at 5 pm downtown - Wear a bathrobe, grab your towel, some cash and a TTC multiuse pass, we are pub crawling". "Indigo at Bay and Bloor has agreed to host us between 5 - 6 pm on May 25th. We will use this as a rally point for the pub crawl and / or photo scavenger hunt. Remember to bring your towel and digital camera. Keep your eyes open at downtown Toronto Indigo locations for Douglas Adams displays a week in advance of Towel Day." Pictures: highlights and scavenger hunt. (warning: mild violence)
  • Cherry Vega, photographer and artist, made this snazzy iPhone wallpaper from a poster she created for a Towel Day photoshoot. Douglas Adams was a huge Apple fan and we can imagine that he might have liked the iPhone.
  • Ottawans could party at the Zaphod Beeblebrox club, dancing to the music of Kalle Mattson, The Darcys, Life in 2D and Zaphod's Hoopiest Magrathean DJs "Twiin and guests". Zaphod's Pan Galactic Bar Staff catered to the guest's fluid intake needs.
  • In Edmonton, AB, Laura from the Edmonton Sci-Fi Appreciation Society hosted a "Geeking out" meetup at Tim Hortons at 19:00. She stated: "I've booked this one for Towel Day because as a sci-fi group it's out duty to meet on Towel Day"! You should probably bring your towel, but people can just sit around and hang out talking about their favorite Sci-fi related topics.
  • In Vancouver Gianfranco Latrofa and Serena organized a meetup and h2g2 movie viewing at La Fontana Caffe (3701 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC). They met at 19:15 and were expected to be easy to spot (hint: towels).
  • Also in Vancouver a friendly bunch had tea from 11:00 to 13:00 at The Secret Garden, 5559 West Boulevard. Will wrote: "Bring towels and have a long, dark tea with us".
  • In Calgary, Joel Palenychka announced he would head out to The Joyce on 4th Street for a pint after work, around 19:00.
  • Dylan Spencer, author of the webcomic "The Earth Explodes" drew Deep Thought as a tribute for Towel Day. Coincidentally it was his 42nd comic!
  • At SnsCafe in Santiage your towel entitled you to lunch at a 15% discount. The first person with a towel got a 30% discount (offers can't be combined).
  • At there was said to be a "Private Cupcake+Towel evening".
  • Dia de la toalla was celebrated in Medellin with a flashmob.
  • In Zagreb, at 20:00 Vedran Bartak and friends got together for a beer party at the Krivi Put ("Wrong Way") club, outside on the terrace. Entrance was free and anybody was welcome to join them... if they brought their towel of course! They made these pictures.
  • In Prague froods met at 17:00 in the garden at Letna (map). Vogon poetry was recited.
  • In Brno, there was a get-together in the garden restaurant Pilsen court, table number 42, starting at 17:00.
  • ProComs, a computer store in Brno, sold a red "Don't panic" towel for Towel Day. Online orders were limited to customers with an address in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia.
  • A radio interview was broadcasted by Radio City, a station associated with the BBC and major newspaper El Universo. At 18:30 Ecuador Time they talked to Mark Roberts, the jovial Canadian who recently discussed Towel Day in a Canadian TV show. You can listen to a recording of the broadcast [6.4 MB mp3] here. Funny detail: Radio City's slogan is "You are never alone". This is reminiscent of the Golgafrincham Captain's, "One's never alone with a rubber duck."
  • In Tampere towel-equipped hitchhikers met in Restaurant Plevna at 19:00.
  • Symbian's member event was supposed to be called the Symbian Finland Forum, but they've kept the name 'Towel Day' from 2009 for sentimental reasons. "Towel Day 2010" was touted as offering "unparalled networking opportunities for Symbian members, package owners and committers". It was held in Helsinki and attendance was limited to 100 people. All attendees received a commemorative towel.
  • The yearly Towel Day meetup took place in Paris at 19:00 in front of the Centre Georges Pompidou Beaubourg. Attendees had the opportunity to perform their favorite parts of the books or other classic examples of British humour. Or they could just watch the others while enjoying a nice cup of tea. Afterwards peanuts could be eaten, just to be ready for teleportation in case of a sudden attack on the planet. Pictures here, notice the sperm whale and the bowl of petunias!
  • Lyon celebrated Towel Day too: "Rendez vous le mercredi 25 mai à 19h42 devant place Louis Pradel et n'oubliez pas votre serviette !"
  • Deviant Clemdragon made a poster to promote Towel Day at his school.
  • In Berlin members organized a flashmob at 19:00 "auf dem Alex (vor der Weltzeituhr)". Pictures were taken.
  • In Backnang, Towel Day was celebrated in 'daswohnzimmer', a well-known bar and lounge. Everyone with a towel got peanuts for free! It started at 19:42 and 42 seconds. Two hoopy froods had "booked" this bar to celebrate towel day. There were "Pangalaktischer Donnergurgler"! Pictures are here.
  • Also in Berlin, c-base Raumstation held a "space drinc contest" to celebrate Towel Day. As Tuesday was deemed inconvenient, the celebration was moved by time warp to Friday the 28th at 20:00. Participants could mix drinks and judge them by appearance, history, use of a towel and taste. There were prizes to be won. Anyone - alien, human and "other" - was welcome to participate!
  • In Mönchengladbach at 15:00 a flashmob performed a polonaise while reciting Vogon poetry.
  • In Hamburg, Olivier Gassner arranged a Towel Day Geekmeet at 20:30.
  • getDigital, supplier of geek stuff, ran a "Special Towel-Day Offer": buy two shirts with the answer to the ultimate question on it and get a towel for free.
  • Zweitausendeins invited people to bring their towel to any of the fourteen Zweitausendeins stores, where they could write a "Vogon" poem and get a gift: a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy poster designed by famous German cartoonists Seyfried & Ziska. Additionally, they could win a DVD of the brilliant 1982 BBC series. Facebook users could also contribute towel pictures and "Vogon" poetry on their Facebook page.
  • gave away five "original Don't Panic towels" to people who submitted a short story as a tribute to Douglas Adams.
  • gave away ten large Vodafone beach towels for Towel Day.
  • A fan-made graphical remake of the Hitchhiker's Guide adventure game was released. Developer is James Spanos, who already released a game called Towel Day in May 2009.
  • In Budapest hitchhikers celebrated in the heart of the city. At 19:00 they gathered at Hosök Tere for a picnic in the park and readings from the book(s), after taking loads of pictures. Many of them met on Towel Day 2009 and kept in contact.
  • But there was more! Also in Budapest, at 17:00 a giant 42 was to be formed at Moszkva Ter, right before the Geek Pride March. And at 17:45, 42 cool science experiments would be carried out by the edutainers of the Palace of Miracles science center and Szertar (a popular Hungarian science videoblog) on the open air stage of Millenaris. Both events were free. Further information was avaible here.
  • In Szeged the 4th annual "Towel Beauty Contest" was held and favorite parts from the book were read.
  • The A*Star Hostel Group in Dublin city centre waived the usual towel rental charge, in honour of Towel Day. They put up these posters to inform the guests. They added "It's a small gesture from a big fan of Douglas Adams".
  • R. wrote "we plan to run around with nothing but a towel the whole day @ TRINITY COLLEGE dublin (". Maybe he was kidding, but who knows...
  • Cultural association Sesto Continente welcomed Douglas Adams fans to its Towel Day 2010 celebration in the north of Italy! They had a good time in a nice bar near the city of Milano. There was a "paint your towel" contest and winners received an official t-shirt. (very very very very limited edition). Pictures were taken, but when Vogon poetry was read the cameras unexplicably broke down.
  • Scato Eggen, in honor of Towel Day in the Netherlands, has released an open source framework called towel.js. It's an extension for Mootools, designed to make event-based code easier to write and even more important: easier to read.
  • Trillian Amélie [last name omitted] was born in Fredrikstad Hospital on Towel Day 2010! How cool is that? Her parents are both Douglas Adams fans. They chose the name Trillian Amélie in advance but only learned about Towel Day after the baby, in an improbable turn of events, was born five weeks early... on Towel Day! Picture of mom Josephine, dad Ruben and Trillian. We thought it sounded too good to be true, but the dates in the EXIF data of the pictures are consistent with the story and we received a pretty legit looking scan of the baby's passport.
  • Dagbladet published an article about Towel Day, with a huge picture of Douglas Adams holding up a piece of paper with the number 42 written on it.
  • The Japanese Culture Research Circle at Warsaw University celebrated Towel Day by playing charades. (thank you Kaja for your help translating!)
  • Remus who lives in Galati was planning a drink with friends around 20:00 on the -Daily- terrace. "Wanna-joiners must wear proper attire!" (ie carry a towel)
  • Towel Day was celebrated in Romania by István from Sfîntu Gheorghe, Covasna county. He hopes to get in contact with others living nearby for next year's Towel Day.
  •, Slovakia's biggest online book retailer, dedicated its book webzine all week long to the memory of Douglas Adams. They published articles about Douglas Adams and Towel Day, as well as an interview with Eoin Colfer, author of the sixth novel. And they ran a competition with such prizes as cool DON'T PANIC towels and the sixth novel of Guide signed by Eoin Colfer (in English). The whole week there was a 15% discount on Douglas Adams' books.
  • A towel with the number 42 was hoisted as a flag in front of University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics, as a homage to Douglas Adams. (with the approval of the dean)
  • EastCoastRadio from Durban, South Africa, got behind Towel Day and posted pictures of Simmi, a bold Earthman of the masculine persuasion, walking on the sidewalk wearing nothing but a towel and a shower cap.
  • The Daily Maverick published an article by Theresa Mallinson.
  • DdoOLeR'2010 (IV Dia do Orgulho Lusista e Reintegrata - X Dia Internacional da Toalha) towel meeting with speech by Galician singer Ugia Pedreira, at 19:30 Galician-Portuguese time / 20:30 Spanish time, in Santiago de Compostela (Galiza) on Cervantes Square.
  • Dinahosting, a Galician registrar and hosting provider celebrated Towel Day and Geek Pride Day. Their team posed with towels, they offered discounts, and you could win an iPad and free domains.
  • CERN, home to the Large Hadron Collider, would soon have a Building 42 and was aware of the existence of Towel Day. The CERN Bulletin wrote: "The fact that CERN’s latest building carries the number 42 has not escaped the attention of people both inside CERN and outside, particularly as we approach the anniversary of Adams’ untimely death in May 2001. In honour of their favourite author, Adams’ fans have declared 25 May International Towel Day - another cryptic reference to ‘The Guide’. So if you see unusually large numbers of people carrying their towels with them on 25 May, Don’t Panic, it’s only about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have!"
  • The Fish Inn in Zwingen welcomed hitchhikers any time between 20:00 and 2:00. No dress code, except for the towel of course.
  • Douglas Adams has fans in Turkey! Cagri Zaman created a Turkish Towel Day page on Facebook that attracted froods from all over Turkey.
  • Richard Dawkins, who was a very good friend of Douglas Adams, reminded his Twitter followers of Towel Day! He met his wife through their mutual friendship with Douglas Adams, and wrote and pronounced an interesting eulogy after his untimely death.
  • Neil Gaiman replied to and retweeted messages about Towel Day. He is the author of Don't Panic, which started out as the Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion and grew into a Douglas Adams biography. He has done about a million other interesting things and has collaborated with Terry Pratchett.
  • Stephen Fry tweeted "In memory of a dear friend and very great man. Today is Towel Day". (followed by the URL and the hashtag) Fry was a close friend of Adams and read the audio book version of the Hitchhiker's Guide. Both he and Adams may have been the first Mac owner in Britain. According to Wikipedia, Fry's tweets often cause "websites to crash due to the sheer volume of traffic generated by his large number of followers". We survived the "Fry effect" and were delighted that he joined this tribute to Douglas Adams.
  • Some other related Twitter users who expressed support for Towel Day: MrsStephenFry, Penguin books and "Douglas Adams".
  • ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha launched a Towel Day photo contest for its members in their magazine Mostly Harmless: "We’d like you to send us photos of Towel Day towellyness. The funniest / silliest / towellyest photo will be declared the winner! Please send your entries to the editor, by email or post, by the MH117 deadline. For contact details, see page 2. Entrants should be willing to have their entries published in MH117." The winner got a ‘Froody’ t-shirt (an ‘And another Thing...’ promotional item that was given away at the 2009 Eastercon).
  • You could (and maybe still can) help adopt a plank at Southend pier in memory of Douglas Adams! Strictly speaking this wasn't a Towel Day event, but it's a nice way to pay tribute to dna.
  • Cory Doctorow, the blogger with the red cape and goggles , reminded the BoingBoingers about Towel Day. Thanks Cory!
  • Gary Day-Ellison designs book covers. Do you remember the Hitchiker paperbacks in the mid-nineties that you could combine to form four different pictures? Gary Day-Ellison designed those beautiful covers, as well as the magnificent towel on them. For Towel Day, he blogged about those days and his cooperation with Douglas Adams. Well worth reading!
  • Ken Nicholas spread the good word among a group of colleagues from the "Horsham Actuarial team", and they had a Towel Day picnic in Horsham Park (West Sussex) at 12:30.
  • Jake Knott provided proof that Towel Day was being celebrated at ITV’s Manchester studios! This was on the set of Countdown, the long-running UK quiz show.
  • Dickon Edwards visited Douglas Adams' grave.
  • Emma "Nudgeto42" made a funny Towel Day poster.
  • Luke Batten was appalled that there were no UK events and mailed us that he hoped to bring his towel (if it's allowed) when he had his Philosophy As level in the morning on the twenty fifth. The towel could come in handy if were are tears after the exam, but we think that wasn't going to be necessary, as he clearly knows where his towel is! Jenny B. liked Luke's idea and took her towel to her Latin AS exam. What's the best Latin word for towel anyway? Mantele (-is) or sudarium (-i)? Alan Weir wished both good luck and said he and his 42yo aunt would be going to an Obsessive Compulsive concert. Towels would be in hand and waved vigorously.
  • Tip of the hat to the Telegraph's Shane Richmond for a very nice Towel Day article.
  • The Guardian, not to be outdone, struck back with a splendid article of their own, by Michelle Pauli.
  • The Independent discussed how #towelday suddenly emerged in the Twittersphere. At 9:30 in the morning it was already the third most popular topic on Twitter.
  • Maxim featured an article by Tom Perkins that mentioned Adams' manly passions like fast cars and cameras, and nicely summarized what he and Towel Day are about.
  • Nerdrapper Mark "Antisoc" Ridlen released his free album "Future Hop", on Towel Day 2010. This album included a 9 minute hip-hopera of Hitchhiker’s Guide. In fact he prereleased it the evening before, "so that people can bump this in their cars on towel day". We heard an early version and were positively impressed. Antisoc is the guy from the YouTube video "Caffeine Trip". His server suffered mightily because of the sheer number of people interested in his album. If your download failed because this, we suggest you try again now Towel Day is over.
  • Freelance graphics wizard Travis Avery presented gorgeous Towel Day wallpaper and banners for your blog or site. Thank you Travis!
  • Craig Ferguson talked about Towel Day on The Late Late Show!
  • At Mozilla in Mountain View, California, any employee who brought a towel with them to work was entitled to a complementary brownie, available at a lunchtime group reading of the first few chapters of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. John O'Duinn enjoyed it and wrote a short post about it.
  • published an article about Towel Day in its section "This day in tech - events that shaped the wired world". Like the previous year's excellent article, it was written by Curtis Silver, also the author of a review of the sixth book in the Hitchiker's Guide series. linked to the article, labelled it "COOL" and users commented on it.
  • Trillian for Windows version 4.2. was released on Towel Day! No Zooey Deschanel here, but an application that combines a multitude of instant messaging networks.
  • Louie Mantia, a designer working for the Iconfactory, published free Don't Panic wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone. Spiffy!
  • In Denver, CO, you could celebrate Towel Day with a Happy Hour at Croc’s Bar & Grill, "towel in one hand and margarita in the other". Our informant Mo added "Croc's has Happy Hour all night long including 100 free Tacos (get there early, I'm sure these will go fast) and $3 beer/wine/shots. I'm sure we'll be easy to spot ;)" Pictures here.
  • Legal bloggers attending the InsideCouncil SuperConference in Chicago were encouraged to bring their towel to the Tweetup/Blogger meetup on the night of the 25th. More details.
  • Thinkgeek, the well-known geeky online retailer, ran a Towel Day photo contest. The pics can be viewed here. They also introduced, shortly before Towel Day, a red t-shirt with "DON'T PANIC and CARRY A TOWEL". It is, of course, a parody on the 1939 British propaganda poster. And they also started selling a "Don't Panic" towel.
  • Louis Lamp from Portland, OR, is a pretty daring guy, but then again he's a retired Sergeant from the US Army and a CEO so that's not surprising. He's quite the geek and he wanted to visit a random game store in Portland wearing a bathrobe, pajamas, a towel and a yellow handkerchief. The dice have decided which store he would visit.
  • Also in Portland, OR, the Towel Day "Happy Hour at Thirsty Lion", followed by the "Vogon Poetry Slam": "Come out and celebrate towel day with your MiPL friends at our favorite British-style pub. They have great Happy Hour specials on both food and drinks, and they will be showing the Hitchhiker's Guide movie on their big-screen TVs, especially for us. We will be having contests and towel/costume judging, so dress up yourself and your towel!" The group met for Happy Hour at 17:00 (changed from 17:30) at the Thirsty Lion Pub, 71 SW 2nd Ave, though early birds can enjoy Happy Hour in this pub from 15:00. The Vogon Poetry Slam was scheduled for 19:30 (changed from 20:30). "We will bravely experience Vogon poetry with MIPL's own Vogon Poetry Slam. Not sure you are capable of writing torturous, horrible poetry? Not to worry! Click on the related link for an easy Vogon Poetry Generator. Rather than penning something butt-clenchingly awful on your own, you can rely on the marvels of modern technology--and a few fill-in boxes--to write it for you. Just print out the poem the website generates for you and bring it along to our Poetry Slam. And bring your towel!".
  • And ALSO in Portland, OR, SeanT wrote on his Livejournal "In observance of Towel Day, please come to Bailey's Taproom at SW Broadway & Ankeny on Tuesday, May 25 to celebrate. I'll be there by 6:00, but others you likely know will arrive at 5:00. Bring your towel." (maybe only intended for his readership)
  • In New York, NY, The Neighborhood Social, a ragtag band of galactic hobos, performed at Arlene's Grocery (95 Stanton Street) at 19:30.
  • The Geek Club at Old Rochester Regional JHS celebrated Towel Day (in honor of Douglas Adams) as Mr. Andree and Mr. Kocur improvised a fabricated fight about the proper way to wear your towel.
  • Brian Pickett from Seattle viewed Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy with friends and had them bring "gently used" or new towels to donate to the local animal shelter, again.
  • Jim Miller once composed a requiem for Douglas Adams and now put it up for download. It's called "Missing Douglas". Jim wrote "I was lucky enough to chat with him once and he was as warm and witty as one could have hoped." "When I asked him about his days as script editor/writer for Dr. Who, his eyes lit up and he made a whole line of people wait while we chatted about "Pirate Planet" (one he wrote), HHGG and other things. It's a treasured memory."
  • Rene Hoover, freelance graphic designer and letterpress printer, sold colorful greeting towels with a "Happy Towel Day" logo.
  • For Terry Pratchett fans who "wear the lilac" on 25 May in honor of the events in the novel "Night Watch" and to support Alzheimer research, towels with the words "Don't Panic" and a lilac embroidered were for sale.
  • Iron Gate Ministries, a feeding program in Tulsa, OK, that offers a hot meal to around 400 people every day, was collected towels for the homeless: "This month, Iron Gate is asking for clean, new or gently used towels for those who are homeless. They want to make sure everyone has a towel. Can you imagine not only being homeless, but not having the very basics things we take for granted? How do you ever feel clean when you are living on the street? I think of all the extra necessities we have in our closets at our house. We have many towels, blankets, toothpaste, bath gels, soaps. And we do take it for granted that if we run out, we will simply buy more. I don't think we can end homelessness by just donated towels and clothes and food. But, we can add dignity to the lives of those who are homeless. Think about donating some towels to Iron Gate or other agencies this week. A small thing to you, might mean the world to someone else."
  • Cartoonist Marky, whose characters often wear h2g2-shirts, became's 300th twitter follower and announced he was planning a cartoon tribute to Douglas Adams for the week of Towel Day. He also has a Towel Day page where banners, wallpapers and more will be appearing. Thanks Mark and congrats for being number 300! (tired old Sparta jokes omitted)
  •, a Legend of the Five Rings and Magic Cards dealer, was having his annual Towel Day sale. Anyone sending in a picture of themselves and their towel got 25% off of their orders.
  • At Capital High School in Santa Fe, NM, Mrs. Gunter's 10th Grade English AP class celebrated Towel Day by dressing in a robe, pj's and of course carrying a towel! They had a "bring your favorite cereal" breakfast while partaking in a Vogon Poetry slam.
  • As a tribute, a teacher in North Carolina included "Douglas Adams" as an answer in a multiple choice test. According to about a dozen students he was the author of Oedipus Rex, an ancient Greek play. Maybe the students wanted to pay tribute to him too?
  • In the DC-Metro area, the geeks from DC Game Night (DCGN) gathered to play card games, board games and other games. They knew that this particular game night was on Towel Day, but apart from that this may just have been a regular gaming night. Slogan for the occasion: "DCGN Always Has a Towel". Nice!
  • On Slashdot, Towel Day 2010 made the front page.
  • Reddit had several posts about Towel Day. Several failed to gain critial mass, but the one by xAnarkix in the Geek subreddit did well.
  • On Digg a Towel Day post listing "42 Awesome Ways to Use a Towel" managed to get over 550 votes.
  • PZ Myers, biologist and popular blogger posted a short but effective blurb about Towel Day.
  • The Boston Phoenix published a particularly well-informed article by Arafat Kazi.
  • NBC Los Angeles had a short post about Towel Day .
  • The Daily Galaxy (appropriate name!) ran one of the more orginal articles, by Casey Kazan & team. It mentioned little known information about everyone's favourite number.
  • Clifford Oto blogged about the importance of the towel for photographers: "For the well-prepared lensman, every day is Towel Day"
  • Somewhere in Michigan there lives a very hoopy waiter.
  • Becky made the first Towel Day cake. (as far as we know)
  • Lonely Planet blogged about Towel Day.
  • offered a 25% discount on fencing towels.
  • published "Cute Girls Celebrating Towel Day". an article that, while not very politically correct, will certainly have attracted some attention. Coedmagazine and a certain Nick Scipio celebrated by publishing more revealing pictures of ladies with towels, but we don't want anyone to show up on our doorstep with a Point of View Gun, so we're not linking to them at this time.
  • Towel Day is also known at ARM (processors). Ashley Stevens - creator of holistic system solutions - blogged about it and noted how everything is connected (Towel Day, Android, what happened on that day). We bet he's a fan of the Dirk Gently novels!
  • Towel Day is now an official holiday in the Military Republic of the Deltan Imperium, a newly formed micronation.
  • In Second Life, Garrett Williams gave away beautiful free beach towels for in-game use, including a special Don't Panic towel that was only available on Towel Day (it could be sent to friends). When your avatar is laying on it, it looks like it has green arms sticking out of its head! Williams is the author of the Kennychronicles comic.
  • In World of Warcraft some players celebrated Towel Day in the world of Azeroth.
  • Hostcolor a "web hosting provider popular in this galaxy" offered a 30% discount on any hosting plan with coupon code MYTOWEL. An emergency drill alledgedly proved that their staff knows where their towels are.
  • Google didn't display a doodle for Towel Day. Kat4sun suggested on a Google forum that Google could do it next year for the tenth anniversary of Douglas Adam's death.
  • On May 22 Daryl Hall blogged that he launched a petition asking Google to recognize Towel Day. If you haven't already, maybe you can still sign this petition! A bulldozer-yellow button has been added to the homepage. It may be too late for 2010, but it would be great if the wonderful people at Google would publish a Towel Day doodle in 2011.
  • Michele Oliveri sent Google an excellent proposal for a doodle.
  • Frank Bear created a Towel Day Facebook event and most of those attending seemed to be stuffed bears. Consider us outweirded. Unlike Zaphod we don't get stranger things free with our breakfast cereal. Go Frank Bear!
  • There was a Towel Day Swap over at, for froods who wanted to send each other towels and small gifts.
  • In Mostly Harmless, a "panfandom h2g2 RP", on Towel Day every scrap of clothing mysteriously vanished, but players still had their towel to dress with. While real world Towel Day is only one day long, they stretched game world Towel Day out over the course of two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, to make sure everyone who wants to participate has enough time to do so.
  • In the MMORPG Runes of Magic on the server Tuat, Wyrlorn celebrated Towel day with his Guild.

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