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Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). On that day, fans around the universe carry a towel in his honour.

I love Douglas Adams! How can I get involved?

  • Help spread the word about Towel Day (#towelday): tweet, blog, post in forums, share a link in Facebook, make art, etc.

  • Tell us about events you organize on Towel Day, and we will announce them here!

  • On Towel Day, carry a towel. Where? Everywhere.

  • Proudly show the world you've observed Towel Day! You can post your picture and watch others' on the Facebook page or in the Flickr group. Videos are cool there too, as well as on YouTube.

What is happening on Towel Day 2017?

This list is growing all the time. Please e-mail us and we will add your event!


  • Voting has started in the annual Towel Day Ambassador contest! You have to "like" the contest page and after watching the candidates' video's, you can vote here
  • We have created a Towel Day Facebook event, please join it and invite your hoopy friends!
  • Even at the European Space Agency, people are counting down:

    (tweet from March 15th 2017 - Discover the 42-related "result" they are referring to here!

  • Our friends from Austria need your help for their virtual Towel Day exhibition on the subject of 42. "In Douglas Adams cult book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the number 42 is calculated in response to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything. We want to answer this question and look for photos on the subject of 42. Please send the pictures with their history and their relation to the work of Douglas Adams to A colorful overview is to be created from the pictures sent. The virtual exhibition with hopefully 42 exhibits will be available on May 25 at"
  • Billy Stevens has moved his webpage that generates random sentences that sound like quotes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to a new address. You can now find it at
  • On 11 May, the day of Douglas Adams' death, European Towel Day Ambassador 2015 Philipp Horatschek will read from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in bookstore Brunner (in Bregenz) at 18.00. Details and RSVP on Facebook and for the Facebook deprived on and
  • In Belo Horizonte, local hoopy froods run an online towel photo contest (watch this great video from last year's contest). And from 4pm to 9 pm there's Happy Hour with giveaways and activities at HQueijo Comic Store (1922, Gonçalves Dias St, Store 301). Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • Also in Belo Horizonte, ON MAY 27TH, there's entertainment going on the whole day:
    • May 27th from 11am to 4pm: Nerd Walk, a parade of Nerds with Towels and Cosplays at Liberty Square (Praça da Liberdade)
    • May 27th from 4pm to 9 pm: Happy Hour with giveaways, Cosplay Contest, THHGTTG quizz and Vogon Poetry appreciation at HQueijo Comic Store (1922, Gonçalves Dias St, Store 301)
    Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Recife, the crazy Brazilian Nerds will hold mega celebrations for 4 consecutive days in the Tacaruna shopping mall to celebrate Towel Day and 40 years of Star Wars (25,26,27 and 28 May). Here's some information, mangled by Google Translate: "The Towel Day will also have two environments, one with a free access area with some good attractions and booths, and another paid area of Power-kon Recife: Strike Back where special guests will be presented that will come especially for super stage presentations with dancers, artists (in the coming days come the confirmation of the names), cosplay contest, Kpop and all with popular prices of half entrance for only $ 20.00. In addition to being the official voice actor of Wolverine, Skeleton (He-man) was also the Obi-wan Kenobi's voice-over in the Star Wars dubbing of the first Saga films that will be giving an Office Of Theoretical and Practical Dubbing."
  • In Copenhagen, the lovely froods who organised last year's succesful picnic are back! Find the latest info and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Lüneburg at 16.00 the reading of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will continue! Visitors who arrive with a towel will get a free Pan Galactic Gargleblaster. Where: KulturBäckerei Lüneburg, Dorette-von-Stern-Str. 2, D-21335 Lüneburg
  • In Budapest, at steampunk saloon Krak’N Town, comedy scifi writer, actor and candidate Towel Day Ambassador Scott Alexander Young will read some of Adams work, screen some of his own - and you'll see why now, more than ever, a hoopy frood must really know where his towel is. Prizes for best dressed galactic hitchhikers! Plus Vogon Poetry competition! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Dublin, geocachers are getting together to think of the books, Arthur Dent and most importantly Douglas Adams, on the middle of Half Penny Bridge at 5:42 p.m. Logbook will be open till 6:15 p.m. We'll recognize each other by the towels. Details on
  • There's an Italian Towel Day Facebook event page where Italian hitchhikers can find more info, share your photos with towels and participate in two contests: the Vogon Poetry contest (poetry competition) and The Hitchhiker's Sketch to The Galaxy contest (art competition) Facebook event page
  • In Orvieto, time and place for a celebration hadn't been chosen at the time of writing. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Perugia, a Towel Day get together will be held from 21.00 until 01.00 at Polo Nerd. Polo Nerd is a meeting place for those who enjoy board games, comic books, role-playing games or video games, cosplay, card games, movies or TV series. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Pisa, time and place for a celebration hadn't been chosen at the time of writing. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Reggio di Calabria, there's a celebration organized by Role & Roll, with a group photo, readings from the book, a Hitchhiker's quiz, pan galactic gargle blasters, and a Vogon poetry reading. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Udine there will be a dinner with many "adamsian" activities and you can vote on what they will be! Details and RSVP on Eventbrite.
  • In Verona, the meeting place is Arena di Verona, at 16.00. Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In Nijmegen, Towel Day will be celebrated at cafe Brebl with a mix of live science, comedy, literature and music! Pan galactic gargle blasters will be served and there will be a quiz. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Rotterdam, Towel Day 2017 will be celebrated for the second time. More later. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Timisoara, the hoopy couchsurfing community of Timisoara is preparing its sixth Towel Day celebrations. Details and RSVP on
  • In Gävle, "Gefle Science-Fiction" will celebrate Towel Day. Recitation of Vogon poetry are optional, beer and peanuts are mandatory. The city council has delivered a permit to meet in the town center and recite Vogon poetry to the general public (they clearly don't know about the horrors of Vogon poetry). The Vogon poetry reading will start at 18:30 sharp, at a statue that is popularly known as "The slut in the water". The statue probably has a real and decent name, but nobody seems to know it in Gvleä. After the reading of Vogon poetry, complementing the participants' lovely towels, taking pictures and enlighting earthings about the Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy and Douglas Adams, they will go to the Bishops Arms at 19:00 to drink beer and eat peanuts while waiting for the world to end. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Cambridge, ZZ9's David Haddock will again lead his popular and always interesting Douglas Adams tour of Cambridge. As a precursor to Lazlar Lyricon (see below), David will be running a tour of the city on the evening of Towel Day, starting at the Railway Station at 18:30 and ending in town (around 20:30). "See where Douglas Adams was born, where he went to University, where the biscuit incident took place, where the TARDIS lands in Shada, and more. Some pubs with Adams connections may be involved." Details and RSVP on Facebook. Here are some pictures last year.
  • In Islington, on Saturday the 27th of May, ZZ9's David Haddock will lead a Douglas Adams tour of Islington. "As a precursor to Lazlar Lyricon 3 we will be touring Islington to see where Douglas Adams got the inspiration for Fenchurch's door, and where Hotblack Desiato's office is, as well as locations from the Dirk Gently books. Plus you can marvel at how in the 21st century you can get a pizza on Upper Street. Finishing where the Arlingtonians lived." Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • Lazlar Lyricon 3, a fun convention for fans of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is coming on 9th-11th June 2017! For more info, check out their website.
  • In London, from 19.00-22.00, comedian Rachel Wheeley is organising a Stand Up for Towel Day comedy gig. Vogon poetry readings! Cocktails and towels! This is going to be one seriously hoopy night. In the basement of Tottenham Court Road's Waterstones, a stand up night celebrating all things Hitch-Hiker, in memory of Douglas Adams. There will be stand up comedy on the Real Shoe Event Horizon, the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and some exclusive findings from Douglas Adams' notebooks. All topped off by Vogon songs and poetry from none other than The Story Beast (‘One of the wonders of the Fringe.’ ????? Mirror ‘A thing of wonder.’ ???? Fest ‘White hot brilliance’ ???? Time Out) Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters will be served in the book shop bar. We have ordered lemon-scented napkins and are assured these will be delivered in time for the start of the gig. Show us your towel for a packet of peanuts to help with matter-transference beams and win prizes for the best Hitch-Hiker inspired costumes. Some of the acts confirmed for SUFTD 2017:
    • Kevin Jon Davies (Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
    • Paul Duncan McGarrity (Comedian's Cinema Club)
    • Simon Watt (Ugly Animal Preservation Society)
    • Steve Cross (Science Showoff, Book Showoff)
    • The Story Beast ("White hot brilliance" ???? Time Out)
    • John Lloyd (The Meaning of Liff, QI, Blackadder)
    All proceeds will go to Save the Rhino. Tickets (£5.90) and details at available here.
  • In Denver, CO, hoopy froods will marathon the original BBC Series. Bring your favorite movie snack and/or beverage to share. And, don't forget your towel! Details and RSVP on

If you're looking for inspiration on how to organize a Towel Day celebration, check out what other hoopy froods did last year

MORE is coming. Know something we don't? Please mail us!

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