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Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). On that day, fans around the universe proudly carry a towel in his honour.

I love Douglas Adams! How can I get involved?

  • Help spread the word about Towel Day (#towelday): tweet, blog, post in forums, share a link in Facebook, make art, etc.

  • Tell us about events you organize on Towel Day, and we will announce them here!

  • On Towel Day, carry a towel. Where? Everywhere.

  • Proudly show the world you've observed Towel Day and upload a picture on Facebook or Flickr (tag it "towelday" and add it to the group) or a video on YouTube.

What is happening on Towel Day 2015?

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(this list is just starting: last year 29 countries participated, please mail us about your Towel Day 2015 event!)


  • We are deeply saddened by the death of Mr Pratchett passed away, what a tragic loss. If you're a Terry Pratchett fan, don't forget to "wear the lilac" on May 25th along with your towel, especially this year.
  • The Towel Day Ambassador Contest has ended! Shannon Song is Earth's new Intergalactic Towel Day Ambassador for 2015. She will be supported by Crystal, the North American Towel Day Ambassador, and Philipp (the hoopy frood who brings Towel Day to Austria every year), European Towel Day Ambassador. Congratulations to all winners! If you attend conventions, you may know Shannon from her Star Trek, X Men or Dr Who cosplays. She also was cover model for the 2014 Womans Cosplay Calendar.
  • A Towel Day video game is coming your way! It will be called 'Survive 42'. And we're pretty excited about it. The game is an adaptation by Eran Mendel and Oren Mashkovski of their 2011 towel day animated promo. To turn it into a game, they've joined forces with programmer Elad Silver and sound designer Uri Kalian. The official launch date will be announced soon! Here are two screenshots: one two
  • Travis Avery surprised us with these free Towel Day wallpapers for your computer, phone, tablet, tricorder, etc. Get them here! He made quite a collection in the past and you can find it all on his site. Thank you Travis!
  • Bags of love, maker of customized gifts, are preparing to launch another edition of their spectacular Towel design competition. Last year you could win your very own customised towel! Here are last year's entries. More news soon!
  • If you're on Facebook, please join the Towel Day 2015 event and invite all your hoopy friends!
  • Shorts Made From A Towel... sells what is maybe the easiest way to always have a towel with you. For a 10% discount, use discount code "towel day" (active now). If you want yours for Towel Day: world-wide delivery 'usually' within 2 weeks... depending on head winds for the Carrier Pigeons.
  • In Bregenz, there's "The Zaphod Beeblebrox re-election campaign". This year every frood with a towel can become Zaphod! They start at 19:00 o'clock at the "Platz der Wiener Symphoniker", in front of the Bregenzer Festspielhaus. They will read from the book and have a Zaphod-Display you can stand behind and take your personal picture as THE PRESIDENT. As every year there are towels, peanuts, beer and a Petunia pot. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Frankfurt am Main, geocachers will get together for a Towel Day celebration at Brunnen zwischen Hauptwache und Konstabler (höhe Zeil 71, 60313 Frankfurt am Main). Here's the program so far: 19:42 Beginn, 20:00 Ansprache inkl. Lesung, 20:24 Das Logtuch beschreiben und TBs per Anhalter losschicken, 20:30 Fragerunde mit DER Antwort nach dem Leben, dem Universum und dem ganzen Rest, and 20:42 Gruppenfoto. More info on
  • In Bergen, Norway, Douglas Adams fans are invited to meet at Roll & Rock bar og diner, from 19:00-22:30. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Timisoara, the couchsurfing community organizes their fourth Towel Day event. RSVP and details on
  • In Gävle, “Gefle Science-Fiction” will celebrate Towel Day. Recitation of vogon poetry are optional, beer and peanuts are mandatory. The city council has delivered a permit to meet in the town center and recite Vogon poetry to the general public (they clearly don't know about the horrors of Vogon poetry). The Vogon poetry reading will start at 18:30 sharp, at a statue that is popularly known as “The slut in the water”. The statue probably has a real and decent name, but nobody seems to know it in Gävle. After the reading of Vogon poetry, complementing the participants' lovely towels, taking pictures and enlighting earthings about the Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy and Douglas Adams, they will go to the Bishops Arms at 19:00 to drink beer and eat peanuts while waiting for the world to end.
  • In Cambridge, David Haddock will be leading one of his popular and always interesting Douglas Adams tours. Meet at Cambridge rail station for 1:00pm. The tour takes a couple of hours and may be followed by some talks if a venue can be found. Here's a pic from Towel Day 2013. Non ZZ9 members welcome of course. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In London, there's the London Vogon Poetry Slam on the same date, venue to be confirmed. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Barium Springs (NC), the computer geeks at Shared Resources will be running their 2nd Annual Shared Resources Towel Day Towel Drive for Barium Springs Home for Children. Barium Springs Home for Children provides a safe home for children through group homes, therapeutic foster care and adoption program.
    Please help this drive by donating NEW bath and kitchen towels before May 25th.
    Donating couldn’t be much easier:
    • Simply tell Shared Resources that you’re interested
    • email jsanders AT sronc DOT com to schedule a pickup or plan a monetary donation to be used towards purchasing towels
    • donate money through PayPal (
    • have Amazon ship a set ( to Shared Resources
    • or drop off towels at our Shop at 21303 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius NC, 28031.
    Follow their Towel Drive progress on Facebook.
  • The First Towel Day celebration on the Mississippi Gulf Coast will take place on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at the South Gazebo at the Long Beach Town Green from 12 noon to 9pm. Please bring your favorite passages from Douglas Adams' works to read. Bring your favorite towel. Wear a costume. Tell your friends about it. There will be prizes for best towel and best costume. Bring food and drink. Park rules will be posted so you don't end up in a Vogon prison with a lot of paperwork to fill out and be forced to listen to Vogon poetry. More on Facebook.

A LOT MORE is coming up. Know something we don't? Mail us!

Featured video: Towel Day 2014 in Dresden, Germany, by MiezieDD

Thank you for being part of this & always remember: DON'T PANIC!

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