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Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). On that day, fans around the universe carry a towel in his honour.

I love Douglas Adams! How can I get involved?

  • Help spread the word about Towel Day (#towelday): tweet, blog, post in forums, share a link in Facebook, make art, etc.

  • Tell us about events you organize on Towel Day, and we will announce them here!

  • On Towel Day, carry a towel. Where? Everywhere.

  • Proudly show the world you've observed Towel Day! You can post your picture and watch others' on the Facebook page or in the Flickr group. Videos are cool there too, as well as on YouTube.

What is happening on Towel Day 2016?

More to be added soon. Add your event!


  • The Towel Day Ambassador Contest has ended: Lisa Orozco is Earth's Towel Day Ambassador for 2016. Stefan Gemzell is Ambassador for all Nordic Nations and Andrew Pithie for the UK and the Commonwealth. Congratulations to all!
  • We have created a Towel Day Facebook event, please join it and invite your hoopy friends!
  • Doodle Dojo, an Etsy seller, is selling again three Hitchhiker's Guide themed t-shirts: "42 uses for a towel", "Oh no, not again!", and "The sandwich maker". Links in this Facebook post
  • In Bregenz, European Towel Day Ambassabor 2015 Philipp Horatschek is celebrating Towel Day with some Guerilla Reading: he will read from the book in public places around his hometown. Come join him with your towel (and bath robe)! You can find out where and when on Facebook and his Towel Day website. Every year the whole group ends up at the Beach Bar. (around 19.00)
  • In Vienna, Martin will make a video in the Museumsquartier of people walk alone, then form the number 42 for only a second, then disperse again. Thanks for your first contribution to Towel Day, Martin!
  • São Paolo will be the location of Don't PaniCON on May 21st. There will be a cosplay contest, Vogon poetry, sweepstakes and much more! Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Aalborg, Douglas Adams fans will celebrate at cozy pub in the center, drink pan galactic garble blasters and maybe recite Vogon poetry. It starts at 19.00 and ends at 22.00. Details and RSVP on Facebook. You can also mail Jakob, the organizer at kr AT rup DOT dk.
  • In Flensburg, geoachers will get together on the Südermarkt with their towels. More info on
  • In Hamburg, celebrations will start at 18:42 at the "Plats ohne Namen" (aka Glücksburger Platz, Altona Nord, Hamburg). There will be Pangalactic gargle blasters, a few chapters of the Guide wil be read, there MAY be a Maghratea workshop on planet construction, maybe a lecture about how to throw yourself on the ground and miss, etc. Join the party and don’t forget your towel!
  • In Krefeld, geocachers are meeting between 17.00 and 17.45 at coordinates that you can find on
  • In Lüneburg, Thomas Ney presents part two of his reading of the hitchhiker's guide. It starts at 19.42 h at KulturBäckerei Lüneburg, Dorette-von-Stern-Str. 2. Ticket are available from or ticket AT thomasney DOT de
  • In Nürnberg, the day BEFORE Towel Day at 19:30, Alexander Pawlak will give a public talk "Die Wissenschaft bei Douglas Adams" based on his book at the Nicolaus-Copernicus Planetarium Bildungszentrum (Am Plärrer 41, Nürnberg, Germany). The entrance fee is 7 eur or 5 eur, if you bring your towel. More info here.
  • In Budapest, Towel Day will be celebrated in the fittingly called "42 Social Pub". Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • Italian Douglas Adams fans can find others to celebrate which on this Facebook event. We would of course love to know what you're up to, so please shoot us a mail about your plans. :-) Our Italian is a bit rusty and we're out of bable fish. ;-)
  • In Pieterburen, the seal rescue centre is collecting secondhand towels. Anyone who brings in a towel gets free entrance :) (so don't take your favourite towel but one that you won't miss!) Website
  • Rotterdam Towel Day 2016 will feature: Pangalactic gargleblasters, a Vogon Poetry Contest, and barbeque. Location TBA.
  • Q42, a Dutch company that works on apps, websites, connected devices, games and VR, continues its tradition of giving away cool towels. Go here for instructions on how to get one.
  • In Mikolow, there's a geocaching event. A group picture will be taken. Bring your best towel! Details on
  • In Timisoara, the couchsurfing community is organising their fifth Towel Day event. RSVP and details on
  • Mensa Singapore and the Irish Graduates Association of Singapore are teaming up to celebrate Towel Day and Geek Pride Day with a quiz night. Payment: $10/person to contribute to prize pool. To register, email: admin AT irish-graduates DOT org DOT sg
  • In Bengtsfors, the Strömkullegymnasium's institute for English, Swedish literature and pan-galactic culture will remind students of Douglas Adams' death with a Towel Day celebration. They will meet at the Salmon statue on Courthouse Square at 17:15 for an introduction to the life and work of Douglas Adams. After that, terrible Vogon poetry will be recited. etc. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Gävle, “Gefle Science-Fiction” will celebrate Towel Day. Recitation of vogon poetry is optional, beer and peanuts are mandatory. The city council has delivered a permit to meet in the town center and recite Vogon poetry to the general public (they clearly don't know about the horrors of Vogon poetry). The Vogon poetry reading will start at 18:30 sharp, at a statue that is popularly known as “The slut in the water”. The statue probably has a real and decent name, but nobody seems to know it in Gävle. After the reading of Vogon poetry, complementing the participants' lovely towels, taking pictures and enlighting earthings about the Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy and Douglas Adams, they will go to the Bishops Arms at 19:00 to drink beer and eat peanuts while waiting for the world to end. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Örebro, everyone is welcome to join the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-café! It's being organized by two geekettes with great taste in books at the ABF (the Workers' Educational Assocation, Sweden’s largest adult liberal education association). They will serve tea, biscuits and make the café have a feeling from the book. Everyone is welcome and visitors are of course encouraged to wear a towel. The café opens at 18:00 at ABF Örebro, Fredsgatan 18. The H2G2 café is part of a platform they call “Nördkultur” that regularly presents lectures on subjects like RPG, table top, and Harry Potter - From book to movie. Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • In Cambridge, ZZ9's David Haddock will again lead one of his popular and always interesting Douglas Adams tours. Non ZZ9 members were welcome. "Cambridge ZZ9ers will be running a tour of the city on the evening of Towel Day, starting at the Railway Station and ending in town (around 20:00). See where Douglas Adams was born, where he went to University, where the biscuit incident took place, where the TARDIS lands in Shada, and more. Some pubs with Adams connections may be involved." Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • in Islington, the Saturday after Towel Day, ZZ9's David Haddock will lead a Douglas Adams tours. Non ZZ9 members were welcome. "See where Douglas Adams got the inspiration for Fenchurch's door, and where Hotblack Desiato's office is, as well as locations from the Dirk Gently books. Plus you can marvel at how in the 21st century you can get a pizza on Upper Street. Finishing where the Arlingtonians lived." Details and RSVP on Facebook.
  • It's in fact a 2017 event... but please take note that Lazlar Lyricon 3, a convention for fans of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is coming on 9th-11th June 2017! For more info, check out their website.
  • “In San Antonio, TX, Doctor Who Fans Unite celebrates the 20th anniversary of the 8th Doctor movie. The movie will be preceded by a Towel Day preshow and a photo op with Earth’s Towel Day Ambassador! Don’t forget to bring your towel! Limited capacity, RSVP mandatory. Details and RSVP on

A LOT MORE is coming up. Know something we don't? Please mail us!

Featured video: Towel Day 2015 video recorded on the International Space Station by ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

Thank you for being part of this & always remember: DON'T PANIC!

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